Thanet council still working to resolve online services ‘security incident’

Online issues

Thanet council is currently limiting access to a number of its online systems following reports of a potential security incident.

The authority is working closely with the experts at the National Cyber Security Centre to investigate the issue.

A council statement says: “While we investigate, some of our online services may be affected. We are aware for example that this is impacting some online forms and our planning applications.

“We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience experienced at this time.

“It should be noted that the council’s IT services are not provided by Civica. Civica provides Revenues, Benefits, Debt collection and Customer Services processing functions on our behalf.”

The council’s live streaming service for its meetings is also currently unavailable,

Canterbury and Dover councils have also been affected by cyber attack incidents.


  1. Maybe, just maybe if the Council wouldn’t have kept stripping resources and funding from the IT service they share with Canterbury and Dover over the years it wouldn’t have happened.

      • Whereas global companies have put more resources into cyber security and IT in general to prevent this type of attack, TDC have been happy to cut, cut, cut resources and funding.

        You reap what you sow.

    • It’s the whole “ the companies have to get it right all the time , the crooks have only to get it right once” thing, successful hacking attacks are always going to occur , the hackers get better and more inventive the companies have to do the same, it’ll never end.

  2. Maybe the sneaky parking ticket man’s machine has seized up so he’s no longer able to issue parking tickets that would be a result.

    • Well said Bill. Sneaky is very apt as the Council employed Traffic Wardens were fair as they would stand by a vehicle for 5 minutes before issuing a ticket . As it is a different company ; or perhaps TDC ; they must have incentivised it with commission as it appears common practice for Parking Officers to hide in shop doorways watching for any errant motorist , hide up for a couple of minutes , then quickly slap the ticket on their windscreen. I speak from experience and was stunned at the speed of Warden; number 17 rings a bell ; . Obviously a skill that had been honed under instruction from his bosses . Perhaps they go to sleep counting tickets instead of sheep 🤔

      • Civil Enforcement officer No.17, is/was a particularly vindictive warden. Had a habit of going home for lunch and ticketing neighbours and their visitors that strayed outside the 1 hour limit on the road that No.17 lived on at the time. They’ve since moved, so maybe another area has the benefit of their dilligence.
        Also on one occasion ticketed someone having seen they were parked incorrectly at 9:15pm having answered the door to accept a food delivery, the ticket was issued illegally as the warden wasn’t on duty or in uniform, tdc refused to prove that the officer had complied with the law, neither would they cancel the ticket.
        A few years back after the revelation via an FOI (reported in IOTN) about the number of tickets some foreign registered cars had accumulated, the councils enforcement officers were retrained and part of that training was to only ticket vehicles where there was a high chance of enforcement being successful and that unenforceable tickets would be seen as a “negative performance indicator” neither were they to ticket travellers in council carparks.

        • Dear Riptalon, I find it incredible that TDC would sack ( by devious and illegal means ; their loyal decent and fair Traffic Wardens to replace them with rogue Wardens like number 17 who was an oaf and behaved like a thug hiding away and sneaking up to vehicles to slap a ticket on. But of course the big chief Madeline Homer did get censured and was advised to go for retraining and guidance on how to do her job . But us ratepayers had to fork out over £300,000 to pay her off for being useless .

          • If you believe the rumours that circulated a few years back ( somewhat backed up by the more recent disclosure thatnthe council had wanted to use cctv to monitor some of their parking related staff) cash was going missing from parking meters. Changing over to external contractors was a convenient way of “sweeping clean”. As for officer 17 the ticket i’ve seen as being issued by them was signed with a Z, and your description does’nt match the person i saw, but maybe the officer number is actually the handheld device allocated each day and not the person who uses it.
            However the department is a farce, appeals go to the contractor in northampton to be returned to the officemin thanet for processing, tdc did’nt know who held information requested under an foi, the thanetmoffice sat on letters for 7 months and wouldn’t reply, then when they did left the aggrieved party only 28 days to appeal but delayed the foi material for 10 days,of that, leaving no real time for the appeal to be taken to the independant adjudicator.

        • He did have number 17 on his badge and as I have a family relative whose birthday is the 17 th it was easy for me to remember . My description may not be good but my memory is. TDC may have had a problem with cash going missing from machines but certainly not all of their long serving wardens would have been complicit . It would have been easy to solve by having a couple of machine emptiers ; one to empty and one to check it was correct and tallied with the machine. By not following correct procedure it cost TDC when they went to an Industrial Tribunal I am reliably informed

          • Definitely a different officer using the same ID number as the officer that issued the ticket i’ve seen was female. Which throws further doubt on TDC and how it operates and maybe why they wouldn’t provide any evidence that the officer was on duty and in uniform at the time the ticket was issued.
            Person i spoke to suggested considerable sums had gone missing , as ever whatever the real story unlikely it was anything more than a couple of bad apples and that we’ll never know what really happened.

  3. I am constantly amazed at the blind faith some people have in the Interweb! I wouldn’t trust it as far as I can throw a London Transport Bus. I don’t suppose this latest IT malfunction involves a programme by Fujitsu does it?

  4. As someone who works in Cyber Security, it doesn’t matter how much money and resources you put into it, cyber attacks can and do still happen, as seen by breaches at huge companies. The larger the organisation, the larger the target. There is nothing here to suggest any negligence or wrongdoing until it is reported what actually happened, which will take a fair bit of time. No need to jump to conclusions that someone is at fault. Unfortunately threat actors are ever present and ever active.

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