Kent Police and Crime Commissioner announces £1m “Immediate Justice” blitz for street offenders

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott

By Local Democracy Reporter Simon Finlay

Almost £1m has been earmarked to combat the scourge of anti-social behaviour (ASB) on the county’s streets, the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner (KPCC) has announced.

Half of the funding will support an “immediate justice” programme, starting in the autumn, to force ASB offenders to undertake community “payback” within 48 hours.

KPCC Matthew Scott has secured £932,000 from the Home Office to provide extra, visible policing in hotspot areas.

He says this is to augment Kent Police’s new Neighbourhood Policing Model, which is seeing officers deployed to local communities and schools.

Mr Scott said: “Anti-social behaviour is a blight on victims and our neighbourhoods.

“Whilst it has fallen in recent years, I know that this is not everyone’s experience. These plans will see more visible policing to tackle these offences and deal with the drug use that so many complain about.

“And those caught will rightly face justice, through my plans to make offenders pay back to the community.”

However, Mr Scott, who is up for re-election in May, says maintaining Kent Police’s record numbers will come at a cost to residents – roughly £13 for a Band D council tax payer, although he says savings will still be required to balance the budget.

Mr Scott added: “I do not ask for this rise lightly and I do so because it is needed to help balance the budget. If I did not ask for this, we would need to find another £11m on top of what we already need to save.

“I will always make sure that taxpayers’ money is well spent and is focused on making Kent safer. I will also continue to drive forward reforms to procurement and boost collaboration to make sure we are doing everything we can to save money.”

The final proposals will be published ahead of the Police and Crime Panel meeting on February 6.


  1. So is this subject only taken seriously in an election year, because anti social behaviour has been and increasingly worrying issue for years.

  2. sounds like election time to me , dont take us for fools – they will never sort out street crime in thanet its too far gone after years of doing nothing about it.

  3. Talk about treating the public like numptys. He is up for re-election in May. So now finds a million quid spare . Pathetic

  4. Make the parents accountable for their offspring, if an underage kid is causing trouble then fine the parents, if they are on benefits then lower their benefit payments. It’s a minority that cause the problems and most of it comes from piss poor parenting. Until parents are held to account for their feral kids this will simply continue.

    • The recent incident at Minster where four teens were causing problems at MacDonalds and were taken home to their parents is exactly how it should be done.

      The one carrying the knife should be on community payback and doing letter picking, weeding, graffiti removal for a couple of months – something both productive and visible.

    • Concerned a few months ago a middle aged woman blocked my road with her car so I couldn’t get by on my Mobility Scooter, whilst shouting and screaming at me in an alarming way! I shouted for help, and she eventually gave up, but it was very scary! I don’t think she would have behaved like this if I was 30 years younger in my 50’s say, instead of in my 80’s. She is the mother of my next door neighbour, and I contacted the local police, who tried to take no action, as I had no evidence! I persisted though, because I knew if no action was taken the women would probably try and intimidate, and bully me again! After several weeks I received an email from the police saying the woman had been spoken to, and a Crime Report raised, but is this anti social behaviour what Neighbourhood policing is about?

  5. May 2024-Elections for this pointless post.

    January 2024-Scott announces the usual Tory Daily Fail pleasing headline garbage about being tough on crime. At a cost to every taxpayer of course-why not just abolish his office & spend the money saved on such things instead?

    Like the Tories at the local elections & by-elections already & later this year at the general election-boot this Tory Toady into touch, he has been in this post for way too long-eight years.

  6. Pedestrian High streets (there are many) are avenues for all sort of people that will be of interest to police, from dealers/handlers to purchasers/customers.
    Police dont even need a car, If they dont do pedestrian stop and account or stop and search Then they may as well merge with a social service org.

    Things wont change, soz to say

  7. Random stop and search forays amongst the populace of Thanet will not work, even if the police think they work.The data says differently.
    It’s an election year and poor Matthew no doubt is feeling unloved.
    Can I suggest that blood curdling rants about who is naughty or nice are not helpful.
    The Old always blame the young, and the young think the old are moany old gits.It was ever thus.
    What is ‘anti social behaviour’ depends on which end of the telescope you are looking from.
    It can be kids running riot, unpleasant car owners or ranting old farts,take your pick.
    The fear of crime is often greater than the actuality, so what is required is a visible presence which the police often cannot or will not provide.This is where security guards or wardens, with means to call up suitable reinforcements might work, with decent CCTV in addition to provide evidence.
    Having PC’s everywhere might be nice, but is impracticable.

    • George many years ago I was told by a Social Worker that one reason Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) were not being enforced was because it gave an offender a criminal record, and this stopped them getting a job! If so, then non criminal punishments need to be found, something that will stop not just anti-social behaviour but carrying a knife in public! Anyone, any ideas?

      • ”immediate justice” – 5 strokes of the birch, physical pain is a great deterrent to repeating an offence in future; no courts, no paperwork, no criminal record for the offender (who, by the way under ”immediate justice” is unlikely in the extreme to get a fair hearing). All you need is a couple of cops on patrol in relevant areas carrying birches.
        Actually, why not just give them guns and let them shoot down said offenders? Certainly ensures no re-offending by (supposed) perps and what could be more apt for something termed ”immediate justice”…?

  8. £932k one off payment? that should cover 2024 and then back to square one? all back to the jobcentre?
    I agree with George we need CCTV investment too.

  9. If he has secured extra funding from the Home office why is he saying it will cost us more as well?.
    There should already be policing on the streets to tackle antisocial behaviour. It is part of their remit to protect and serve the public.

    The cameras that were put in all over the streets to catch criminals in action are not monitored as is so having more won’t make a difference other than have an affect on the resources available. They are not even used to monitor antisocial behaviour taking place right in front of them. Cliftonville for instance has many cameras but they are wasted without being used proactively to catch crime taking place.

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