Explosive learning fun at Chilton Primary School

Pfizer scientists have visited children at Chilton

Science learning with a bang has thrilled, amazed and inspired children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

A breath-taking spectacular show about fire and explosions unfolded at the hands of four experts from Pfizer at Sandwich.

By using gases and flammable materials like magnesium and hydrogen the scientists -dressed in lab coats and safety goggles- demonstrated the difference between a fire and an explosion.

They also showed the fire triangle (oxygen, fuel and heat) and experimented with removing each of the elements to see what happens to fire.

The high-energy learning continued when rockets were fired across the school hall using explosive materials and balloons filled with different gases were ignited.

The booms and flashes of bright explosions were show-stoppers that brought Science learning to life. Like the explosions, there was much loud applause erupting throughout the show and there was a real buzz of excitement as the children returned to class.

Chilton Science lead Carol Isaac said: “Our children and staff were amazed at this spectacular show. It was a really enriching experience.

“At Chilton we are always seeking ways to use experts and specialists within our curriculum to inspire our children further.

“We teach about influential and important scientists within our thematic lesson and it was inspiring to see these real-life scientists in action.

“The show allowed our pupils to experience Science with resources and materials we don’t normally use in school. The impact was clear to see on their faces – pure awe and wonder.”