Investigation following cybercriminal claim to have stolen Southern Water data

Southern Water

Southern Water, which has customers across Thanet and Kent, says cybercriminals are claiming to have stolen data from the company’s IT systems.

The water firm says it has launched an investigation but “there is no evidence that customer relationships or financial systems have been affected.”

A Southern Water statement says: “We are aware of a claim by cyber criminals that data has been stolen from some of our IT systems.

“We had previously detected suspicious activity, and had launched an investigation, led by independent cyber security specialists.

“Since then, a limited amount of data has been published. However at this point there is no evidence that our customer relationships or financial systems have been affected. Our services are not impacted and are operating normally.

“We have informed the Government, our regulators and the Information Commissioner’s Office; and we are closely following the advice of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) as our investigation continues.

“If, through the investigation, we establish that customers’ or employees’ data has been stolen, we will ensure they are notified, in accordance with our obligations.”

Thanet council was also recently hit by a cyber attack, along with Canterbury and Dover councils.

The Thanet authority’s planning, agendas and live streaming functions have been affected.



  1. Nice to know it isn’t just sewage that they leak everywhere, but also our personal information.

  2. Perhaps these cyber criminals should run southern water, they have a better grasp on the systems and may stop random release of raw sewage.

  3. They have lost my water meter – and only just realised this year after 5 years – they recon they have replaced it but have no records of the old or the alleged new one and have never informed me – A law unto themselves, couldn’t run a p!ssup in a brewery.

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