Upton youngsters investigate how the heart works

Upton youngsters created heart T shirts

Getting to the heart of the matter is vital for children at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs when it comes to investigating the intricate wonders of the human body.

The Year 6 group’s passion for science education has seen them unravel the mysteries of biology including watching first-hand the dissection of a heart by Assistant Heads of School Gemma Scarr and Ross Kettle in a fascinating demonstration.

It was just one of many highlights in their topic work called How To Mind Your Heart. Other activities included learning about the functionalities of the human heart, and a dramatic re-enactment to simulate the flow of blood around the circulatory system.

Children exercised their artistic flair by creating their own life-sized circulatory system on individual tee-shirts, labelling the components of the heart and discussing their respective functions.

The extraordinary week of scientific discoveries and exploration was co-ordinated by Years 6 teacher Rebekah Moore, who is Upton’s Science lead.

Head of Year 6 Becky Andrews said: “The science curriculum at Upton has been designed to foster curiosity and a sense of awe amongst our children.

“Through hands-on, practical enquiry, our Year 6 children have been able to grasp complex scientific concepts with ease, making learning not only informative, but likewise enjoyable.

“Our theme this term has captured children’s imaginations, and their eagerness to understand the complexities of the human form is truly a joy to see.”

Head of School Darci Arthur praised the way the experience had energised, challenged and excited pupils.

She said: “This is a fantastic example of how our staff work so hard to create a brilliant opportunity to deliver knowledge in a manner that encourages inquiring minds and fosters an ongoing desire for learning.”