A busy term ahead for pupils at St Laurence CE Junior Academy

Year 5 make fruit kebabs

As the students at St Laurence CE Junior Academy in Ramsgate stepped into the new year, the first few weeks have been abuzz with exciting activities and educational adventures.

From the start of Forest School for Year 3 to in-depth explorations into history and literature for Year 4, 5, and 6, the school is fostering a rich learning environment.

Year 3 students have delved into the wonders of the great outdoors with their introduction to Forest School. Each group is set to venture into the wooded landscapes once a week throughout the term, providing them with an opportunity to connect with nature and develop valuable life skills.

Meanwhile, Year 4 and 5 have kicked off their exploration of The Shang Dynasty, a topic seamlessly blending history and geography. The students are embarking on a journey through ancient times, unravelling the mysteries of one of the earliest civilizations.

In Year 6, a fascinating unit on Crime and Punishment has begun. Students are studying how the concept of punishment has evolved over time. This interdisciplinary approach is further enriched by the exploration of English literature, with a focus on ‘The Highwayman’ poem and the timeless classic, Macbeth.

Year 3 Forest School

Adding a touch of entertainment, the school is gearing up for its first Film Night of the year, promising an enjoyable evening for students and families alike.

The St Laurence community also demonstrated its generosity last term by raising an impressive £113.72 for Children in Need Day and £116.07 for World Diabetes Day. The school takes pride in contributing to these causes, particularly during challenging times.

Looking ahead, the calendar is filled with exciting events. On Tuesday, 16th January, Palm Bay Class is set to embark on the Young Voices trip to the O2 London. Later in the month, on Friday, 26th January, the school will host Skip2BFit day, promoting physical activity and well-being among students.