Two people arrested after report of car crash and police officers assaulted in Margate

Kent Police

A man and a woman are in custody following a report that a car collided with parked vehicles in Laleham Road, Margate, this morning (January 5) and then three police officers were assaulted.

Police were called to the road at 4.40am. The officers were assaulted while responding to the incident.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report that a car had collided with parked vehicles in Laleham Road, Margate at 4.40am.

“Emergency services attended and, while responding to the incident, three police officers were assaulted. None suffered serious injury.

“A man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of assaulting emergency workers and they remain in custody while enquiries to determine to full circumstances continue.”


  1. If someone gets caught drink driving or drug driving, they should have their cars crushed, no matter the age or condition it should be an automatic scrappage or crushing. It’s about time the drug drivers and drink drivers were punished accordingly and scrapping their vehicles would stop them from then driving their cars whilst they are banned.

  2. “… while enquiries to determine to full circumstances continue”
    As yet, there is no indication as to why the crash happened.
    But yes. If people do choose to drive whilst under the influence, their vehicle(s) should be seized.

    • This is fair comment , except that in the event the vehicle had suffered a sudden mechanical failure that led to the crash, it’s really quite unlikely that the occupants would have assaulted the emergency services that attended.
      However I am assuming that the assault was perpetrated by occupants of the vehicle.
      But it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the outcome of the investigation.

  3. Do people actually mean it when they say they want people to be publicly flogged(or even just flogged)? Because if so, I hope I don’t know them personally, as I don’t want to know people like that.

    • Everyone has the right to their own opinion, i expect many of those with views different to yours aren’t that interested in knowing you.
      However the safest places i have been are those that have strict and swiftly imposed laws against those who don’t do as they should.
      Singapore would be for me the shining example, clean, peaceful, bustling and productive , people just don’t for the most part break the laws and have the comfort of knowing that those that do will be dealt with pretty much immediately. A bit of similarly styled robust policing in thanet wouldn’t go amiss and i’d put money on it making a palpable difference very swiftly.
      Many people have had their lives negatively impacted by societies less responsible , they’ve sat back and watched the miscreants get away with the misery they’ve created and are a bit peeved in most cases, given that the current system has failed so many is it not reasonable that some want to see something a bit more robust tried?

    • I do so, because I’m a local landlord, if i used my own name it’d be pretty simple for anyone so minded to identify the properties i rent or my home address, that wouldn’t be fair to my tenants and may attract unwanted attention from the anti landlord brigade.
      Additionally it makes no difference, i merely present opinion which has no more value in the grand scheme of things than any other individuals in a local online news site.

      • As soon as you comment on any website or social media framework all your logs are recorded, no one can post anonymously anywhere.
        Anyone with basic computer knowledge in scripting and good automated tools could get your identity, You could Dox anyone if you really wanted to.

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