Duo arrested after police attend burglary in Broadstairs

Recovered items Image Kent Police

A man and a woman have been arrested by Kent Police officers who were called to a burglary in Broadstairs during the early hours of today (January 3).

Kent Police received a report that gardening and power tools had been stolen from a communal outbuilding in Western Esplanade at around 2.30am. During the call, it was reported that members of the public had confronted two people on bicycles who then left the area in the direction of Viking Bay.

The description of the suspects was given to local response officers who quickly attended and during a search of the area stopped two people in Victoria Parade. Some of the items reported to have been stolen were also recovered near the scene and bolt croppers, gloves and duct tape were found by patrols.

A 20-year-old woman from Westgate-on-Sea, and a 23-year-old man from Broadstairs, were arrested on suspicion of burglary and taken into custody while enquiries continue.


  1. the thieving scum will walk away unpunished as usual , there is no deterent for these thieves , and no doubt a member of the public alerted the police , they never detect crime themselves they just follow leads

    • If you’d ever bothered to read up about crime and punishment, you would understand that even the most draconian punishments, including execution, have never been deterrents

      • Yet Singapore is a very safe and law abiding place? Which rather undermines your argument.

      • I have yet to meet a thief locked in a cell who was able to continue with a life of crime. Likewise a dead thief.

        The cost of incarceration is a major burden on taxpayers. Prisoners should be locked up 24/7. Relatives could buy supervision at a market price to allow them out to exercise. Ditto with enhanced food, beyond £1 a day subsistence.

    • But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a fitting sanction for those who wish to steal from others. You might also consider why they were carrying duct tape, a handy product with which to restrain anyone whom they may have disturbed in their activities. Of course that can never be proven but rather puts another slant on how these two think.

  2. I don’t know what duct tape is. And I think a barbaric form of punishment can never be “a fitting sanction”.

    • Then what would you suggest as an effective and cost effective way of getting the miscreants in question to change their criminal inclinations ?

      And for your benefit

      Duct tape – a fibre reinforced self adhesive tape, generally silver in colour and 2” wide. Has multiple uses , but if found on persons who are equipped for breaking into buildings would often be considered as intended to restrain anyone they came across ( 3 wraps around ankles or wrists will be nigh on impossible to break by the majority of people and a wrap around the head/mouth will silence them) , those who show such an inclination for such benaviours are as a result not nice people and most normal folk wouldn’t treat them as such.

      • I wouldn’t suggest anything. That sort of decision needs to be made by experienced professionals such as lawyers and judges.

        • Which brings to mind the maxim

          “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem”

          Endlessly giving way to the perceived wisdom of the great and good is probably not the best wayforward in the absence of opinion from the wider population. Judges are rather unlikely to be living in an area that has lifes ne’er do wells breking into your shed and as such totally out of touch with the damage to society such miscreants create..
          To have no opinion on how the law should be applied is rather at odds with normal thinking.

  3. I don’t know what duck tape is either. If I need to know, I’ll find out. But at present, I don’t need to.

  4. Why did you ask what Duct tape is Marva if you have no need to know? I think you are just a wind up Troll to be fair. In a previous story you suggested anonymous commenters shouldn’t be allowed but what are you Marva?

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