What parking at Thanet Parkway station will cost you from January 15th

Thanet Parkway station Photo Frank Leppard

Customers parking at Thanet Parkway railway station will be charged from January 15.

Parking had been free for an introductory period when the station opened at the end of July.

Prices from January 15th are:

40 minutes free for drop off and pick up

Daily rate Mon-Fri = £5.10 (£3.90 on Sat)

Weekly season ticket = £22.00

Monthly season ticket = £78.00

A Southeastern spokesperson said: “ Customers numbers have been growing steadily since the station opened on 31 July, with the local community taking advantage of the new travel opportunities on our high speed services to and from London, as well as our mainline services across Kent.

“The car park is managed by our project partner Kent County Council and the introductory free parking offer will be coming to an end on Monday 15 January. Charges will be similar to nearby Ramsgate station, which is £5.10 per day from Monday to Friday.

“More details about the operation of the car park will soon be available on signs at the station, and on the operator website at myringgo.co.uk.”

There is space for 293 cars at Thanet Parkway station, including 16 Blue Badge holders and 12 charging points for electric vehicles.

Thanet Parkway Station opened on July 31 some 13 years after the scheme was first proposed and at a cost that quadrupled from an estimated £11m in 2015 to just shy of £44m.

The total price tag may even exceed £44m as further funding has been needed to complete level crossing and signalling work. The project work was impacted by rising inflation.

The Isle of Thanet News previously reported a further spend of £48.6k is being made for a Thanet Parkway cost review and report commissioned by Kent County Council and being carried out by West Midlands based Sable Leigh Consultancy. That report is due to be completed by next February.

County Councillor Karen Constantine also confirmed a £30,000 spend for installing 38 speed bumps across Parkway car park to stop nuisance drivers.


  1. Surely these charges are just the MINIMUM charges. They don’t allow for vandalism of wing mirrors, cost of respraying scratched bodywork, etc.
    If this station remains unstaffed, and if no cafes, shops or bus services are available then crime will be inevitable.

  2. Absolutely correct Ian. Until such time South Eastern can assure me that my car will be safe I won’t be parking there anytime soon.

    • Because your car is so safe at ramsgate station is it? All the staff are sat watching the car park (most you can’t even see from the station) are they? Literally anyone can walk past and randomly vandalise at ramsgate just walking past vs parkway the only people there are actually using the station.

      Also even if people were notice vandalism chances are nobody will say anything these days for fear of getting attacked themselves.

    • Thanks for the heads up JJ & Ian. Sounds very dodgy to park there.
      Could you refresh my memory & remind me of the car parks in Thanet that are manned 24/7 & that give the assurance my car will be safe.

      • All the other car parks are less isolated and surrounded by houses and people. No guarantees at any car park of course but I would take my chances in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate over Parkway which is isolated. It was my understanding that it was only going to be manned until 8pm but I stand to be corrected of course. As for security cameras they are only as good as the people that are monitoring them but in theory the perpetrators with their hoodies and masks on can be found by the way they walk 🤣😂

  3. I am not a regular traveller though Thanet Parkway, as traveling from Margate it is only about 10 minutes slower going to St. Pancras going past Faversham, and normally quite a bit cheaper. But when I do travel the other way. I have never seen anyone get on or off there. Maybe if the train did not bother stopping there. Then the time saved would make the extra you pay to go past Ashford. Would be worth it. Just mothball Thanet Parkway till the Airport reopens.

    • Might aswell get a bus to Ramsgate Station or a taxi , saves money are your car will be safe at home , so why bother paying to park there , yet another well thought out plan in thanet.

  4. More expensive than ramsgate and margate stations, free parking at minster down the road. Suppose it will help
    Pay the £50 million cost of this white elephant which taxpayers forked out for thanets 8th railway station. And now the tories are complaining about going bankrupt on Kent County council.

  5. What joke. The one thing that would have made the station perhaps somewhat attractive taken away.

    What a complete con that station has been from start to finish.

    Won’t be long until trains skip stopping there coz demand isn’t there

    • I have a feeling we will try and force us to us it. By making Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs ghost stations. like Dumpton and Westgate. With trains not stopping there. This is a good way off shutting the ticket offices. Then they can say Thanet Parkway is a success, with a big demand.

      • I doubt that Ramsgate wil become a ghost station, because it has 4 platforms, a number of carriage sidings and a maintenance depot.
        It is also the terminus for at least 2 London routes.

        • Sadly, Ramsgate’s original, seafront, station did. Would’ve been far more useful than the current one which is effectively in St. Lawrence.

    • Not all HS services stop there at present, but the current plan is to increase the number of scheduled services, not reduce it. Its thought that the unreliability of return trains calling at TPW is one of the things putting people off using it.

  6. Now now, government knows best and The train operators have the users best interests at heart. I know I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face when writing this.

  7. It has been said that considering you can walk to Ramsgate station within a maximum of 15 minutes from most parts of Ramsgate, and only another 10 minutes from the rest and multiple bus routes take you to either the station or a 5 minute walk from it, and we have green emission quotas to meet with government telling us to use public transport or walk / cycle to places, why build a new un required station so close to a major line station then the only way to access it is from road by car creating more emissions from vehicles and traffic on the road. In the words of the great Mr Gump, Stupid is as stupid does.

  8. “What parking at Thanet Parkway station will cost you from January 15th”


    A) I use Ramsgste or Broadstairs;
    B) I don’t drive.

  9. I’ve parked there numerous times. No damage to my car. Having said that, the attraction was plentiful free parking. I won’t bother using it in the future.

  10. Network Rail’s report in relation to a planning application to build 141 houses on the land opposite the station, which was overwhelmingly rejected by the planning committee on Tuesday, made for interesting reading.
    They state that “At present, customer facilities at the station are rather basic and as such, would benefit from improvements. Network Rail would like to see funding go towards shelters for the Ticket Vending Machines as a start (They asked for £9k). This would help to ensure rail passengers are shielded from the elements.” This despite the station costing upwards of £45m, £2m of which came from TDC.
    They also state “In addition, connectivity from the development to the Thanet Parkway Station is poor for pedestrians and there is a need to improve access. We would like to see funding towards a pedestrian and cycle path that connects the two points. A bus service that serves both of the locations would also be helpful. These improvements would ensure the integration of rail as a vital form of sustainable travel.”
    I think we all agree that a reliable bus service to and from the station would be of benefit rather than rail passengers having to get to and from their train in their car.
    I suspect that National Rail will be seeking more funding from developers, and others, to improve the recently opened station.

    • Mike, is there any land remaining around that area that is earmarked in the local plan for Housing ?

      Just wondering what is potentially in the pipeline moving forward for Cliffsend.

      • There were 5 sites allocated for housing in Cliffsend. Three off Canterbury Road West and two off Cottington Road. I believe these are now mostly completed. If any further applications come forward they would be on land currently unallocated.
        There is, however, a review of the local plan taking place which, among other things, may add further houses to the total through to 2040. More land near the village may be considered for this but it would need to be in conjunction with an improvement in the current services in the village which aren’t currently considered adequate to support further growth. This is according to TDCs strategic planning manager
        The ridiculous thing for me is that we know that the central government numbers we are being told to add to our total aren’t accurate. They’re based on incorrect predictions which the 2021 census indicates was wrong. Ultimately, it’s an issue that needs resolving by central government.
        That’s a longer answer than I set out to write but hope it helps.

    • That is interesting. Thanks for a rare bit of reality rather than Network Rail’s spin. So they admit that they built their precious station with ‘rather basic’ customer facilities e.g. the need to wrestle with the ticket machine in the rain. And ‘poor connectivity’ for pedestrians. So, in short, a costly white elephant.

  11. I’ve loved parking there but these new higher prices might make me park at the other stations, shelters really needed and a bus route.

  12. Does it have shelters on the platforms so while your waiting for your train or replacement bus service you don’t get blown away, or soaked to the skin?

  13. Apropos nothing at all:
    I caught a train home from Stratford “International” yesterday afternoon.
    Announcer: “The next train to arrive at platform three is the 16:44 to Margaret, calling at […].
    This train has six coaches, and there is usually standing room only on this train”

    Erm. .. if South Eastern knows that the train is usually grossly overcrowded, then why not stick some more coaches on it?

    • Andrew – what extra carriages?? They can only use the trains they’ve got to play with. If all the others are in use, you get your 6 and that’s it. SE can’t miraculously acquire more either.

      • I agree.
        But if SE’s announcer says that there is usually standing room only, then obviously SE know about it, and it regularly occurs.
        So get some more carriages. Or stop charging passengers a premium fare for a miserable journey.

        • Andrew – but that’s my point. SE cannot get more carriages. Remember that they are government owned and operated and the government hate railways. It’s their way of pushing people to opt for other ways of travelling.

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