Thanet council expected to approve 141 homes plan at Cliffsend

The development site for 141 houses

By Local Democracy Reporter Daniel Esson

A historic village is set to grow by 141 homes under new plans amid a strong public backlash.

The next phase of an estate in Cliffsend, near Ramsgate, is set to be approved by Thanet District Council (TDC) at a meeting of the planning committee next Tuesday (December 19).

Directly north of the newly built Thanet Parkway railway station and near the Manston airport site, some residents fear the plans will turn their village “into a town.”

Developers Monson Homes first lodged their bid for 141 homes on the agricultural land in October 2021.

The plans are set to connect with a previously approved 62-home project in Cliffsend to form an estate of more than 200 properties.

“The proposed built form is a seamless continuation of the phase 1 residential development where houses are arranged as detached plots, semi-detached houses and short terraces of no more than 4 houses,” the developers write.

A figure of 22% of the planned homes – 31 properties – are set to be marketed as affordable.

Monson Homes continue: “The site is providing for the ideal mix of affordable types. It includes a range from 2 bed apartments and 2-3 bed houses.”

The estate will be accessed by a turn-in from Canterbury Road West.

It will also include “a variety of landscaped spaces are incorporated including an equipped children’s play area at central location of the site which will be available to the wider community,” the developers add.

Cliffsend sits near the site where St Augustine first landed in Britain in 597, and where Hengist and Horsa – said to have led the Angles, Saxons and Jutes to Britain – landed in 410.

However, TDC’s planning department has received 21 letters of objection to the proposals.

“Cliffsend is becoming overdeveloped and grade 1 agricultural land should be preserved,” wrote Steve Parsons.

“Local services are already overstretched with no additional public services to support the additional development.

“It’s impossible to obtain a doctor’s appointment or find an NHS dentist currently – the proposed development will only exacerbate this situation.”

“We don’t even have a shop in this village,” added Emma Hargreaves.

Mrs A Townsend wrote that Cliffsend “at the moment is a nice quiet village but one which it seems you are determined to turn into a small town.

“I realise pressure is being put on councils by government to build and build but personally, I think this is a crazy idea and a case of ‘not in my backyard.’”

“We moved here for peace and quiet but it seems that is now a distant dream.”

Despite the site not being allocated for development in TDC’s local plan, council planning chiefs are recommending the authority delegate power to officers to secure legal agreements and approve the plans.

Since TDC currently cannot demonstrate a five-year supply of land for housing, it has to look more favourably on developments which would otherwise violate their local plan.

The council’s planning committee will meet next Tuesday to vote on the plans.


  1. Gosh, there will be buildings on the runway soon or is that being reserved for a mass temporary housing for refugees and our homeless?

  2. That site does not look large enough for all those houses.Hope they enjoy the aircraft as their neighbour.Perhaps they are building to facilitate passengers for the station.

  3. If there HAS to be more house-building, can’t we ask ” what homes, and, where?”
    If a lot of new-builds were small one or two-bed bungalows, for sale only to singles or couples over,say, 55 years
    old, a lot would be snapped up by older people wanting to downsize from their original 3- bed family home.
    That would then release their larger homes for younger families that need them.
    But, right now, the developers put up many more 3 or 4-bed houses which the young cannot afford. They build them as they make more money out of them. And Councils are still not choosy and are still intimidated by the developers and their puppet government.

    • Remind me, why would over 55s wish to snap up,2 bedroom versions of the current miserable offerings built(and I use the term very loosely), by the big six house builders?

      For a start that assumes all those above 55 are somehow lacking vitality or capability,which is ageist.and secondly that they would want to live in something that is small and badly made.
      I can see some single persons might find a 2 bedroom house of interest, but I suspect that they might want a house that is well built,economical to run, and spacious enough to live the good life.
      I will ignore all the NIMBY comments because they are always so predictable.

    • Have you looked at the cost of moving? The sale of existing property, purchase of new, stamp duty is a fair amount on its own, the cost of removers, then the almost inevitable small changes to your new home. That is of course you can find someth8ng that appeals to you. Then chuck in the seemingly interminable messing around to achieve it all.

  4. “Since TDC currently cannot demonstrate a five-year supply of land for housing” – could that be because we are surrounded on three sides by water and there is only a limited amount of land here in Thanet? Lobby Westminster of this fact and have them review the building requirements of TDC. It is outrageous that prime agricultural land is being used for housing – not just here in Thanet but throughout the whole country.

    • Andrew,
      You read my mind and used exactly the same words as I was about too.
      This is just the beginning in this area, I am sure. We obviously don’t need the fields to grow crops for our rapidly increasing population.

    • We all knew what was going to happen, just when? Why would you build a train station in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by fields?

  5. What an enormous surprise , TDC takes no notice of residents views, plonks stations and houses all over Cliffsend, without so much as a single section 106 benefit. A village shop was part of one development, but the planning department seems to have allowed that to be paid out, probably for all the monies that have had to be paid to ex employees.

  6. Good job we have the airport opening as apparently that will stop all the housing according to the supporters.

  7. When mortgage lenders are refusing mortgages on phase one of these because they state , the proximity of the airport , why does the developer build more ? Don’t ask me ask a mortgage provider , and good luck .
    TDC planning dept. In agreeing to this housing need to go to specsavers ITS NEXT AN AIRPORT !

  8. Not commenting on the house building or planning but please!do not peddle all this junk about Saxons, Hengist and Horsa & various bits of historical nonsense. The only Saxons here were those in the Roman army who chose to stay in the then colony of Brittania. Hengist and Horsa were Germanic horse gods and their presence just in the ravings of the mad Welsh monk Gilsas . Kent stayed!stubbornly celtic for hundreds of years. Kent is a Welsh word meaning border and Thanet is Welsh for fire or Beacon. The East of England suffered six centuries of invasions from Scandanavia and these people were variously called Angles, Jutes,Danes, Norse and Vikings but were basically all the same people.If you want to flog private housing we probably can’t stop you but please don’t butcher our history to do it.

  9. “Kent” is not Welsh for border. “Ffin”, pronounced”feen”, is. The Welsh/Celtic word for fire is “tan”, produced “tahn”, not Thanet. The monk is Gildas. My first language is Welsh,by the way, and I have never heard or read a Welsh word that sounds like “Kent”.

    The name Thanet is possibly linked with a similar word, meaning “the island of the dead”.

  10. Here we go again more houses popping up all over the place but nothing in place for an upgraded sewer system to deal with all the waste. So expect the over flow at the pump station to start flowing sewage into the sea again and again due to the monstrosity of new builds being built.

  11. If our prime agricultural land is regarded as disposable, can somebody please explain where our food will come from in future? Will we be living on a diet of pills? Or is this part of a master plan to turn East Kent into a concrete airstrip and to import canned food from the other side of the world?

    • 3/4 million net migrants a year have to go somewhere. So I think we need to look at WHY we need so much new housing first. Maybe Thatcher fan-boy Sir Starmer will sort it out?

      • If the objective is to provide more housing without gobbling up our precious agricultural land then they should be building more terrace houses instead of spreading the accommodation across detached plots.

        And if Sir Starmer cared about housing shortages then he would be screaming for ceasefires instead of enabling hospitals and homes being turned into rubble.

        • I thought we was talking about Kent, not Israel.

          What is really needed is for migrants to be more evenly distributed throughout the UK (including Scotland and Wales), but NO party is going to call for that, as it is a vote loser. So instead, the south-east continues to bare the brunt of it.

          • I think the majority of migrants are legal aren’t they? Arriving with their families who study or work here in all corners of the country.
            Illegal migration via small boats might not look great – but that’s not what’s placing strain on public services.

        • You’re right Mr Shacklock. iItoo am wondering why developers don ‘t go for terraces rather than other , more land-consuming types of housing.

  12. Kent is being ” DECIMATED ” by Property Developers and is rapidly becoming an enormous building site , it’s SCANDALOUS !

  13. where are all these people going to work and go to school etc etc
    On the way out on New Haine Road. hundreds more houses being built.Not enough schools ,dentists. doctors etc etc

  14. This is ridiculous… more GP surgeries, no infrastructure to support these extra homes, no more dentists ……present sewage system outdated and insufficient which is why it’s regularly discharged on to our beaches snd into the seas which are no longer “blue flag”like they keep kidding us!!!!

    No wonder Cllr Everitt was so keen to have this station built. A done deal.

    • None of those things is a legal consideration for TDC.
      It’s very easy to blame the council but they have to judge each case on the law – not on their preferences.
      If the reject applications on considerations outside of the law – they will lose appeals from developers and it’ll cost the taxpayer money.

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