Rise in unemployment in Thanet plus latest recruitment through isle’s JobCentres

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Unemployment figures for November show a rise of Thanet people out of work, up 4.2% – equating to 180 people – on rates for October.

Overall the unemployment rate for the isle stands at 5.5% of the working age population, amounting to 4,515 people. This is the highest rate in the county with Gravesham having the next highest rate at 4.3%. The Kent average is 3.4%.

Thanet has the second highest rate of youth unemployment in the south east with 865 claimants aged between 18 and 24, a rate of 9.4% compared to the Kent average of 5.2% and the national average of 5%. Hastings has the highest youth unemployment rate in the south east at 10%.

In Kent 32,245 people were claiming unemployment benefits in November and the number of people unemployed in Kent in has increased by 2.6% (+825) since the previous month.

Figures come from Kent County Council using Office for National Statistics data. Statistics for December will be released in January.

Thanet JobCentre Plus

Thanet JobCentres say there will be a number of job opportunities in the new year and they will be holding a recruitment fair at Ramsgate’s Salvation Army, with another being planned to take place at Margate Caves.

At the Ramsgate event on January 11, employers will include Morgan Jones, British Army, Calibre Cleaning and Turning Point.

Thanet JobCentre recruitment specialist Lily Chiu said: “Throughout the past month, we have continued to move local customers into employment across Thanet.

“At our most recent Margate job fair on 7th December, over 65 customers attended and spoke to a range of employers from NHS to Mitie, as well as Morgan Jones Recruitment Agency.

“Following the event, MyLife Homecare have booked another five customers in this week for interviews at the jobcentre. Since working with us, they have already had five job offers for Universal Credit customers, with four starting work so far.


“In terms of courses, there are plenty of sector-based opportunities coming up in the new year. Due to the large number of security vacancies in Manston, we are now working with Harlow College in January to deliver an SIA course plus a guaranteed interview with Mitie on completion.

“In addition, we are running a 4-week childcare course with East Kent College to help more people into this growing industry. The college is offering interviews with their on-site nursery, and we are looking for more local childcare providers to get in touch about potential interviews.

Job fairs

“Heading into 2024, our first event of the year will be held in Ramsgate on 11th January at The Salvation Army, which has kindly given the venue. In attendance will be employers across multiple sectors, including Morgan Jones, British Army, Calibre Cleaning and Turning Point.

“We are also collaborating with another local organisation, Margate Caves, with a date for a job fair onsite planned for the near future.”

To find out more through your Jobcentre coach.


  1. 65 people came to the job fair? When it was held at the Winter Gardens, ALL unemployed had to go – or lose their benefits (the WG always hid their job application forms on those days, as the visiting public were largely NOT the type of people you’d want serving you in a bar and checking your tickets!).

  2. London councils buying up thanet housing stocks, moving their unemployed work shy to Thanet to join our local workshy and people are wondering why our unemployment figures are on the rise ?

  3. It’s gone up now but it will go down again in summer as it always does as Thanet is and always will be a seasonal coastal working area.
    The government put pressure on the Jobcentres to employ more people and they have to be seen to be doing something or they would lose their jobs.
    If there are no jobs you could have a job fair every week it would make no difference to the figures.
    Everything within retail is doomed due to internet buying = no staff needed.
    No housing
    No Jobs
    No police
    The whole system is broke and they can try and dress it up as much as they like.
    Invite all the main drug dealers in Thanet to the fair and you could half those figures overnight.

  4. It will change when the government give those without jobs a thrashing. Not saying they all deserve it. If you get kicked off the system you wont count so everything will look okay.

    • Helping people, rather than making threats & leaving them to their own devices/pushing them to hopeless outside agencies so a box can be ticked for the government might actually help.

  5. i cannot believe this , i thought the streets of thanet were paved with gold ? well they are if you read the rubbish on the news and internet

  6. If regular rent-a-quote Thanet JobCentre recruitment ‘specialist’ Lily Chiu was paid on getting locals into work, she would be joining them in the unemployment line. Goes up every article that is published here, yet she keeps saying the same thing about their pointless Jobfairs they have every five minutes with the same ’employers’ who clearly cannot possibly constantly have vacancies every week or so that the JCP hold these things.

    Clearly the model is not fit for purpose, just an endless box-ticking exercise to get people to talk the to the same companies turning up ad nauseam, to send people to useless outside agencies riding the ‘training’ gravy train-where they just take the money on offer to provide nothing & take even more if the client lucks into a job & coaches with an impossible high workload of clients-meaning it is a case of ticking boxes to say they have met their obligations. Unless they actually have more staff liaising with employers to get people into work, it is never going to change.

  7. In the absence of there being monthly numbers of the numbers living in thanet it’s all too easy to skew these figures, plus keeping track of a number that floats around 4500 and have regular interactions with the job centre is hugely different to those estimated to be living in the area , especially given the number of new homes being built / occupied. What data is used for the number these %’s are calculated from?
    If the rumours regarding the number of homes being bought by london boroughs to deal with theor housing lists are correct then it’s hardly surprising the numbers of those looking for work are rising and unless jobs are created at the same rate houses are built the numbers will just keep rising.
    All just smoke and mirrors, which does nothing to deal with the substantial numbers in thanet who’ve never done much in the way of work and who’ve no intention of doing so going forward.

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