Ramsgate Arts Primary children discover community and superheroes

A RAPS superhero

Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary are finding out about the big heroes in their community.

They are exploring the fantastic work done by so many different people including fire fighters, police officers, nurses and vets.

And to mark their discovery, the Reception group were set a ‘love to learn challenge’ where they could leap into action and create their own superhero character and costume.

The variety on show was incredible ranging from Rubbish Girl who gave people one chance to pick up their rubbish before lasering them and Henry Hoover Boy’ who gave out hugs and sucked up people’s sad feelings to Super Builder Beau who can fix anything which is broken.

Assistant Head of School and Early Years Foundation Studies Lead Louise Chidwick-Day said: “The creative ideas and attention to detail were incredible.

“It was wonderful to hear the children talking so animatedly and enthusiastically about what makes a good hero, the names of their character and what their unique superpower was.

“They also completed a superhero training course where they honed their skills of rolling, jumping and crawling. They wrote about their characters and struck many superhero poses, and were rewarded with a gold coin given out by Super Gold Coin Man whose super power is making people rich.”

Head of School Nick Budge added: “Superhero Day was a lot of fun and it was a great way to lead in to the children’s learning journey to find out about the real – and often unsung – heroes who work tirelessly, quietly and effectively every day in their families and in the community.”