Police investigate after seven windows smashed at The Bell Inn during early hours

The Bell Inn Minster

Police are investigating after seven windows were smashed at The Bell Inn, Minster, during the early hours of this morning [December 9].

The pub, which is one of four overseen by Racing Greyhound duo Keith and Debbie Barnett, has shared CCTV footage of an individual seen outside the Minster High Street premises at 2.15am.

A spokesperson said: ”We have had no trouble or barred any person from our establishment. This was a totally malicious attack and has taken us all by surprise as to why we were targeted.

“We would be grateful for any information. We were unaware of any of this until this morning at 7am.”

It is understood other businesses in the street may also have suffered damage although police have only received a report so far from The Bell Inn.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating criminal damage reported to have taken place in the High Street in Minster.

“It was reported at 7.24am on Saturday 9 December 2023 that several windows of a commercial property had been broken in the early hours of the same morning. The victims have been spoken to by officers and enquiries are continuing.

“Police are appealing for anyone with information, CCTV, doorbell CCTV or dashcam footage to come forward.”

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01834 222289 quoting 46/217186/23.

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or by using the online form on their website.


        • Because I’ve been at the receiving end of some of Peter Checksfield’s comments for what seems like several years.

          I shall have to look up “blouser”, a word I’ve never seen before.

  1. Unless a vehicle came out of that road shortly afterwards there is a fair chance that the vandal lives in that road, I believe it’s a dead end with the park at the end. I would guess the individual has some kind of mental issue an ism of some kind. That’s no excuse to smash windows. It would be good when found ( and you will be caught) if Mr Cole the undertaker could make some stocks so this individual could be put into
    them and customers from the pub could wee over him. ( foot note on our cctv I can magnify the screen to get close-ups then click on the face. Does the cctv showing the vandal have that option?

  2. So M M Rees what do you suggest should happen to the scum bag then ? A pat on the back and a cup of tea and biscuits? It’s people like you who’s fault it is the country is in the state it’s in with criminals doing what they want because they know they can get away with it

    • And did corporal punishment ever work?
      Did capital punishment ever deter people from commiting crime?
      As none of us has the slightest clue why this person carried out this vandalism, there is absolutely no point in discussing the most appropriate remedy.

  3. I don’t suggest anything. But I would certainly discount corporal punishment. This is 21st century Britain after all.

  4. So,you don’t offer a suggestion,as how to deal with this toe rag,but discount other suggestions as sadistic.The Labour Party solution.

    • Marva,why do you assume we are all men?Would that suite your misandrist agenda?You are the one who is throwing out personal abuse at others.

    • The person who broke the windows could be female. He/she could even be from outside England. Probably has anger issues too.

  5. Is the cctv camera steered by some sort of motion sensor, or is someone leaning out of the window filming the event?
    Towards the end of the clip, the vid pans left.

  6. No Phyllis, It is someone holding a camera filming the important piece from the screen and they are moving it about. If you would prefer to see the full unadulterated episode for the past 24 hours then pop along to the premises and ask them. They do this just to get the important bit otherwise it would be a tad boring, unless you like watching nothing happen.

    On a different note, I will suggest that the person did have a grudge to come out in the middle of the cold night and smash several windows. You would be better of asking inside the pub who might have an issue to do such a thing. The landlord said they haven’t barred anyone so it could be something else. No other business had theirs smashed!

  7. I do believe that vandalism, public foul language, disrespect and other anti social behaviour has got worse since the do-gooders banned the cane, slipper and proper punishment in school. There is no fear of conviction these day because there isn’t any.

  8. I know the Snowflakes won’t agree but do to these scum what they have done to others. In other words 7 smacks in the Face & pay for the damage.

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