Ramsgate teen aiming to put isle on the music map to showcase talent at Queen’s Head

Jake Winter aka Violent Valentine

A teenage musician who says his aim is to “deliver a unique radio ready style of rap music,” will be performing at the Queen’s Head in Ramsgate tomorrow [December 7].

Jake Winter – who goes by the stage name of Violent Valentine- says his interest in music and writing his own material was piqued when he was around 13 by singer the Weeknd.

Jake, now 18, said: “In 2018 when I was in Year 8 I was obsessed with the Weeknd’s music, it would take me away from all my problems.

“I didn’t know how to write music then but when I was 16 I just decided to put my thoughts into music and learn the basics and I completely fell in love with it.”

Jake is now studying music at Broadstairs College and has teamed up with three friends to create a number of tracks.

He is also due to release a single with an American alternative artist soon.

The Ramsgate teen said: “I have done a few songs with some friends I am in college with and spend most of my time trying hard to figure out new ways to put our area on the map.

“It’s definitely a plan to have ideas for new forms of music and start name building. I want to focus on building up a home studio and having a collective with my friends.”

Jake plays guitar but concentrates most on vocals, song writing and editing/engineering the tracks while his friends create instrumental backing.

He said: “My aim with my music is to deliver a unique radio ready style of rap music that people can connect with emotionally. By expressing emotions in my voice style and cadence, it’s unique to the UK rap genre, and hopefully will allow people to escape being trapped behind this wall of hiding emotions. I also offer some upbeat songs such as my [track] Healing.”

Find the Healing track at: https://on.soundcloud.com/aEC2amnsbgpL8Ld3A

Jake will be gigging at the Queen’s Head in Harbour Parade between 7pm and 9pm tomorrow [December 7].

Find more of his songs on TikTok at https://www.tiktok.com/@violentvalentinevv