Section of Thanet Way closed due to multi vehicle crash

The section of road is closed Photo Carl Hudson

UPDATE 10.20am: Road has reopened

The Thanet Way from Minster Roundabout to Monkton Roundabout – London bound- is shut after a multi-vehicle crash this morning [December 1].

Traffic is also slow on opposite side.

The incident was first reported shortly before 7am.

A Kent Police spokesperson said:Kent Police is attending a report of a collision involving multiple vehicles on the A299 Thanet Way between Monkton and Minster.

“Officers were called to the scene at 6.34am. A woman has been taken to a local hospital as a precaution. The London bound carriageway remains closed while vehicle recovery is ongoing.”


  1. Rush rush rush on wet roads, The roads are mad at this time in the morning everyone whizzing around and going nowhere earning a pittance trying to make ends meet – “I’m late, must go faster and take more risk”
    Lucky no one was seriously injured or even worse – Hope the lady is OK, sounds like it as only taken to hospital as a precaution.

  2. Wait for the “that bit of road is dangerous” quotes!!

    It’s not the roads its the imbeciles using it, I was hit going round the Monkton roundabout 3 years ago because of a idiot speeding and not paying attention!

    Pay attention and cut your speed!

  3. Don’t tell me, could it be those nasty, dangerous senior citizens involved again as so often shouted. I’m guessing it’s a case of starting out too late, driving too fast and too impatient. It is well known seniors are the safer drivers according to Insurance Companies. All drivers from day one should have a medical and eye test before being given a licence and then every five years like HGV / PSV drivers.

  4. Why do people indicate right on approaching roundabout only to go left or straight on ?
    Or cars , on dual approaches stay in left lane , pass exits to left /:straight on , then indicate to leave roundabout at eg exit 3/4 etc ( may indicate left or right ) – especially dangerous when dual lanes exit off roundabout onto single lane

  5. Multi-vehicle crashes occur because drivers are travelling too fast, too close to each other.
    If you can’t stop safely in the distance in front that you can see is clear, then slow down.

  6. Ironic that there was a 7 vehicle crash at roughly the same time as thanet first snow flurry of the winter. More haste, less speed, leave bigger gaps in front to allow for braking.

  7. All the above comments by arm chair drivers who have no idea what happened just assume driving too fast or too close etc. Road was icy and not been gritted by the council as a result black ice causing accident.

    • Oh it was black ice that caused the crash – thanks for the heads-up on this – you must have been there at the time and witnessed the incident?
      Most are commenting on the pic they see along with the limited info in the report, a wet road – maybe the ice and snow had melted by this time?

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