Neurodivergent Friends in Thanet group releases new music on Bandcamp

Music from Neurodivergent Friends in Thanet members

The Neurodivergent Friends in Thanet group has released a selection of original, improvised experimental music today [December 1]

NEURO NOISE 01 is a selection of experimental pieces that were smashed together using fragments of recordings from Neuro Noise session 1 – a musical improvisation, composition and performance workshop.

The session was part of NDFT’s Self-ish Acts workshop series, featuring Neuro Noise 1 participants: Anna, Eden, Holly, Louis, Lucie, Pedro, Tony.

The Self-ish Acts workshop programme is designed to encourage creativity and self-expression in a warm and inclusive space for Neurodivergent people.

Neurodivergent (ND) includes but is not limited to autism, ADHD, anxiety, Tourette, OCD, CPTSD.

For £5 people can download the record with every penny raised supporting future operations and programming at the group.

Find the record at:

The music was specifically released on ‘Bandcamp Friday’, a day on which the Bandcamp platform waives its revenue share, allowing NDFT to collect all of the funds raised from sales. Any funds generated from sales made after Friday 1st December will still go towards NDFT, but Bandcamp will take a 15% cut.

Neurodivergent Friends in Thanet (NDFT) is a community group helping local Neurodivergent adults meet their peers in safe spaces. The mission is to bridge the gap in local resources for neurodivergent adults, working for positive change in mental health, well-being, community, belonging, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy.

The group is open to Neurodivergents from all backgrounds, whether diagnosed, self-diagnosed or questioning and is 100% community and Neurodivergent-led.

The work is targeted at Neurodivergent adults and not suitable for children. For safeguarding purposes, the events are 18+.

.NDFT runs regular meetups for Neurodivergent people in Thanet. For more information and to keep up to date with their activities, ollow them on Instagram or Facebook @neurodivergentfriendsthanet or join their private, ND only Facebook group:


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