Virtual Reality delights students at St Laurence CE Junior Academy

Using VR in science workshops

St Laurence CE Junior Academy students across the school engaged in an immersive day of Virtual Reality (VR) workshops on Monday, November 20th.

The workshops aimed to enhance the students’ understanding of various science topics, including animals, humans and living things and their habitats.

Science lead Mrs Campbell said: “We were incredibly lucky to have participated in VR workshops across the school, sharing further learning of Science topics learnt this term.

“This allowed all of the children to engage further with our Science curriculum through the exciting platform of Virtual Reality and share this experience with one another. What an engaging way of seeing Science come to life through virtual reality!”

The students had the opportunity to explore the intricate details of the human body through 360-degree virtual reality.

Year 5 teacher Mr Spencer said: “The children in Year 4 and 5 were very excited to experience travelling through the human body in 360-degree virtual reality. They learned what’s in our brains, what makes up our blood and then went on a detailed journey through the digestive system. What an exciting experience had for all of the children to participate in.”

Among the enthusiastic participants, Connah, in Year 5, shared his excitement, saying: “I loved travelling through the large intestines and seeing everything inside.” His sentiment echoed the overall enthusiasm and engagement the VR workshops brought to the students.

The VR workshops provided an interactive platform for students to delve into scientific concepts, offering a hands-on and visually stimulating approach to learning. The use of VR technology allowed students to go above traditional classroom boundaries and experience the subjects in a way that textbooks and traditional teaching methods cannot replicate.