Residents say ‘leave our road alone’ as county council reveals double yellow lines plan

Residents have launched a petition against the proposals

Angry residents have raised a petition against proposals for double yellow lines along three roads in Ramsgate and another in Broadstairs.

Kent County Council proposes the restrictions for Coleman Crescent, Madeira Walk and Margate Road in Ramsgate and St Peter’s Park Road in Broadstairs.

Coleman Crescent will have the lines both sides from Margate Road, Madeira Walk will have a parking bay removed and replaced with doble yellow lines and Margate Road will have the lines from its junction with Allenby Road; the junction with Pysons Road and the junction with Coleman Crescent plus various stretches up to junction with Clements Road and Whitehall Road – essentially both sides from the viaduct to the Hare & Hounds pub.

St Peters Park Road will have the yellow lines from its junction with Crawford Road for a distance of 44 metres and from its junction with Sowell Street for a distance of 65 metres as well as from the boundary of 55/57 St Peter’s Park Road for a distance of 58 metres.

Residents in the Margate Road area say the restrictions will lead to motorists “seeing empty roads and speeding.”

They say it will also prevent residents from parking, particularly affecting those with mobility issues, and lead to problems in side roads and will impact business at Stewart’s Café.

In the traffic order notice Kent County Council says the aim is to: “help improve the Loop Bus Service.”

Resident Nuh Köksal, who also runs Stewart’s Cafe, is among those who are objecting to the plans. He said: “I don’t have issues with double yellow lines on junctions. However, I am against the double yellow lines spreading across the main road as my neighbours and I must park on Margate Road in front of our houses.

“It may clear the road for buses but it will only create further congestion culminating down the road or the side roads.

“The road is large enough to allow parking and for traffic to continue moving. The issue is the lack of parking for residents, especially if they have multiple vehicles.

“The real issue is parking spaces and the lack of regulation of improper parking, such as at junctions.”

A consultation on the plans is now open and runs until Monday 18 December at 12 noon.

To find documents and respond to the consultation, go to:

Residents have now launched a petition against the plans.

Find the petition here


    • A ticket warden came and put tickets on all the cars round Dalby square the other day. The cars weren’t causing obstruction or on double yellows. I don’t know who is running this section of the council at the moment, but they are becoming a menace

      • Seeing as on the bowling alley side of the square , if people park on the yellow lines it’s pretty tight getting out of the bays at time, then , not a bad thing. However that side of the square needs making one way towards the sea and the bays facing the square angled at 45 degrees, ithen do away with the single yellows and introduce a residents parking scheme.
        Doing away with the carpark at the bottom of the square was a mistake , tdc wanted the area to improve conveniently forgetting that as people get better off they generally are more likely to have a car. They should also get the bowling alley to reinstate its roof top car park.

    • Surely if every disabled person had a disabled parking space installed outside their house, the issues with double yellows would be resolved ?

      • Good idea. Except to have a disabled bay outside your house costs in excess of £300 and anyone with a blue badge can park on it. Disabled being charged for being disabled. Pay for a bay which is not then for your sole use but anyone wtith a blue badge can park outside your home so you may have to park wherever you can find a space and leave your shopping in your boot to defrost or go off as being disabled you cannot always carry your shopping yards from your home.

        • So one disabled badge user would happily stop another badge holder parking somewhere? The irony is just too delicious.

  1. It’s all very well keep putting down yellow lines if Thanet Council are going to police them,Thanet council don’t police the other yellow lines they have put down so why waste the money.

    • Agreed. Plus make sure it is enforced. The junction at the bottom of Tothill Street near the New Inn is a nightmare with cars always parked across double yellow lines and never a parking attendant in site.

  2. I agree with pysons/ rd to colman crescent heading to westwood, I was crashed into there because of the parked cars causing a blind spot.another place is outside the Granville bar opposite the theatre, trying to pull out from Victoria is often a nightmare and parked cars are the reason for it .

    • I have raised this particular dangerous junction which is used by buses and other large vehicles with Cllr Helen Crittenden.

      It is deadly if there are cars parked opposite on the double yellow lines or pulling up to drop people off. This should have a yellow gridded box on it and no stopping within the area as not only is it a blind spot the turning circle is a nightmare for buses in particular. National Express use this route.

  3. Ramsgate Road has one of the worse accident records in the country.
    Anyone parking on Madeira walk needs their head examining.As for Coleman crescent it is repleat with parked vehicles.
    I expected to see the usual trope about councils money making with fines and I have not been disappointed.
    The truth is that there are two many cars seeking limited road space and somehow it has to be managed.
    When Margate Road was constructed it must have been Sen as future proof not now.
    Look at what has been done to Thanet to fit evermore cars, and you tell me what more can be done.
    Building more and wider roads takes up more of that valuable agricultural land that is always being defended, and the new road space soon becomes congested.
    So what is the way forward? Let’s hear what ideas the public have as an alternative.The current situation is not sustainable, doing nothing is not an option.

    • The way forward is for people to get rid of their cars, and use alternative transport instead. Walk, bike, bus, train. True: public transport is rubbish. But that’s because people choose to travel by car, making bus routes uneconomic.
      Be part of the solution, not the problem.
      It’s plain that we cannot carry on having more and more cars. There simply isn’t room for them on our roads.
      And it’s ludicrous to suggest that buses full of passengers should be delayed because some motorists would be inconvenienced by having to park somewhere else.

  4. Why do people write annonymously? we should all be able to be polite and tolerate view different to our own. the point we wish to make as residents is that these proposed double yellow lines are unnecessary and will make the lives of the disabled who live locally much more difficult. this is not a particularly difficult patch of road for loop bus drivers. we have no local car parks, we do not want more front gardens covered in tarmac.

      • Your right Andrew, and Sharon I did use to use my name in letters pages, and received verbal abuse from skin head mobs, and had plants pulled out of my front garden!

  5. If you read the piece, you’ll see that KCC is responsible for installing the yellow lines, not TDC
    And lack of enforcement is no reason not to introduce legislation.

    • Absolutely, but it is also another responsibility for our Councillors to raise these issues on behalf of their electorate. It is TDC who works in conjunction with KCC to make our roads safer and benefit TDC’s coffers for parking on Double Yellow lines. I am being sarcastic on that last point. Decision making on parking and enforcement is a mystery that appears to be unable to combine safety with amenity.

    • When I contacted KCC,about yellow lines ,they stated ,yes, they put them down ,but TDC is responsible for upkeep.I am trying to get the yellow lines ,outside my house finished off,only half done

  6. Just look at how many new constructions are permitted without sufficient parking spaces. TDC can help the problem by not approving any new constructions without parking. And sufficient parking spaces these days usually means two cars for a household (at least) – and also provision for visitors. In fact, this should be government legislation – be it Tory or Labour!

    I am certainly not prepared to give up my car – I need it for an elderly mother and for my own health problems just could not use local transport.

    • Make the poor and the disabled pick up thy beds and walk.

      The lack of understanding of the problems faced by people who need independent transport is breathtaking. The country would need to undo nearly a century of designing estates banking on access to school, work, hospitals etc for a car owning democracy. There is no such thing anymore of true public transport. The only thing that is happening is that people are being priced out of access to our mad infrastructure. yet again ordinary people are expected to bear the brunt of idiotic short-term thinking by politicians. Everything ends up as crisis management and just listen to the horrible balls up the Tories made of Covid!

    • The thing is, not everyone suffered from illnesses so debilitating that they can’t possibly use public transport and absolutely have no other alternative other than a orivate car. What’s true for your own particular circumstances is not true for most people.

    • Jane you are so right! The people who can now park on the roads will have no where else to go, if double yellow lines prevents them from parking! This proposal by KCC is ill thought out, and the reasons given for it are rubbish! If there are delays caused to the Loop its most probably due to road works, not parked cars! Until last year I had been riding a bike from the Ramsgate Viaduct, to Pysons Road for years, and never once saw a bus held due to park cars. In fact its not uncommon to see long periods when there is no traffic on that part of the road at all! KCC have come up with this numpty idea, for spurious reasons, and they must be held to account!

  7. Station Road in Birchington is crazy for parking. Much of its double yellow but doesn’t seem to bother anyone. They are not all blue badge holders and even seen parking on the zig zag lines for pedestrian crossings. Just pushes drivers who need to get through onto other local rat runs to get through.

    • That’s very inconsiderate,people who are sight impaired and perhaps use a guide dog would have difficulty negotiating such impediments.

  8. And add Rumfields Road to the list – the end near St George’s School.

    Cars parked right across the path all day. It’s a total free for all and no one is interested in sorting it out.

  9. The so called “Reasons “for more yellow lines stinks! They can’t be justified, and will cause severe blight for hundreds of people by devaluing their property! If you were looking to buy a house, and one had no yellow lines outside, and a similar house had them, what one would you be likely to buy?

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