RNLI, Coastguard and rescue helicopter called out due to three separate ‘people in the sea’ reports

The Coastguard helicopter Photo John Horton

Both Margate and Ramsgate RNLI lifeboats responded to call outs involving people in the water last night (November 20) and this morning

In Ramsgate crews launched just after 8pm to reports of someone in the sea off the main beach.

A Ramsgate RNLI spokesperson said: “Both lifeboats were launched soon after 8pm to a report of a person or persons in the sea off Ramsgate main beach but were quickly stood down when it was reported the person and their carer had been safely recovered by a police officer.”

A Kent Police spokesperson added: “Kent Police was called following concern for a woman near Victoria Parade, Ramsgate at 7.45pm on Monday 20 November.

“Officers attended along with HM Coastguard, the RNLI and South East Coast Ambulance Service and the woman was located and passed into the care of healthcare professionals.”

At 9.30pm the Margate crew was called out due to concerns over a female entering the sea in the West Bay/St Mildred’s Bay area. Coastguard rescue teams from Margate and Herne Bay and the Coastguard helicopter from Lydd also attended.

A Margate RNLI spokesperson said: “The RNLI D class and B class lifeboats from Margate were called out around 9.30pm last night (Monday 20 November) following concern for a female entering the sea in the West Bay/St Mildred’s Bay area.

“Coastguard rescue teams from Margate and Herne Bay along with the coastguard rescue helicopter from Lydd Airport also responded providing assistance from on land and in the air.

“The D class lifeboat crew located the casualty on the shoreline and were able to guide coastguard officers ashore to the location in the Beresford Gap, Birchington area whereafter she was taken into their care.”

Just before 6am today the Ramsgate crew was again called out for a missing person report.

A Ramsgate RNLI spokesperson said: “Ramsgate Inshore (ILB) launched at 5.55am to a report of a missing person and was instructed to search from Broadstairs to Stone Bay.

“At 6.47am the casualty phoned to say she was at Dumpton Gap and she was found there by ILB crew sitting at water’s edge at 6.55am.

“Coastguard mobile attended to the casualty and an ambulance was called. Lifeboat stood down at 7.07am.”


      • I think they mean opposed to being asked to assist a load of idiots risking their lives in overcrowded RIBs by the Coastguard, who wait to reach mid channel until they have UK phone network coverage and call them to say they are in distress.
        Could be that he is referring too?
        Well done RNLI, Good watch.

        • Think you mean people risking their lives in appalling conditions-often forced on at gunpoint even if they decide to back out & often having been fleeced of their life savings to escape persecution &/or the mess made by western governments bombing their homeland making it even worse for them.

          Of course, if we had a competent government who could process the claims, rather than chasing tabloid race-baiting for morons headlines about a 500 holding barge, or dreaming about getting people on planes to an unsafe country that can only take a couple of hundred per year-when often 500 plus can arrive in a day & at a far greater cost then processing here & invest properly into actually stopping the smugglers, these problems would not exist.

          • I think you have got so sucked in by all the news stories and government excuses/cover ups of their failings – that you can’t see the reality – OK there are the odd smuggling gangs that operate but most cross through their own choice.
            I spent a month monitoring the issue a while back for myself through many means some legal some maybe borderline – but it was totally clear what was happening – they would have lookouts on the coast here in the UK to guide them in stealthily – if spotted they would use the UK phone network to call the UK coastguard to report they were in distress, but only if spotted.
            out of the 500 that day another 1000 made it here unspotted.
            It’s well organised but not all by smuggling gangs maybe 10% max

    • Do you mean rescuing white people in danger of drowning, rather than non-whites? They are actually obliged to save all life,even in French waters. The Tories unsurprisingly had no clue of the Maritime law either, when they threatened them with legal action to try force them to let people drown.

  1. On this occasion why use a charity funded company When border farce have five rescue vessels moored in ramsgate harbour Ready to rescue 24/7 so i am told.

    So i am told, works for them

  2. I have the greatest admiration for the RNLI who selflessly risk their lives to help others in peril on the sea. I intend to leave them a legacy in my Will.

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