Thanet Photographers exhibition due to open at The Margate School

Thanet Photographers exhibition Photo Frank Leppard

An exhibition by 32 Thanet photographers will open at The Margate School (TMS) next week.

The display shows work by both professionals and amateur photographers and will also help raise funds for TMS.

The event runs from November 22 until December 5 and has been organised by isle resident Isabelle de Ridder.

Now a pensioner, Isabelle spent her working life in admin and secretarial roles first in Paris, where she comes from, then in London since 1982, before finally retiring in Margate.

The beauty of Thanet surroundings rekindled her love for photography and, having met Margate photographer Frank Leppard whilst taking pictures many years ago, Isabelle joined Thanet Photographers Facebook group, sometimes in a co-admin capacity.

Isabelle doesn’t wish to have a big online presence so hasn’t joined any other groups but she soon realised the scope of showcasing local photography and believes in community led initiatives or collectives, which can enable aspiring and established photographers and other artists to share exhibition and venue spaces.

Photo Isabelle de Ridder

Collectively, Thanet Photographers have already exhibited at King Street Gallery in Margate a few times, as well as at the Old Kent Market and the group also approached Turner Contemporary, asking them to include exhibitions by local artists in their venue which they did. That exhibition was very well received and attended by many.

Before fully retiring, Isabelle wants to demonstrate the need to provide exhibition space for local artists, some struggling financially, and that it is possible to share successfully as a Collective.

She said: “I am happy to provide the admin and promotion required for this event, and hope to inspire younger generations of both artistic and admin talents to pursue a similar initiative in Thanet in future. I believe this to be beneficial to the area and to all those involved. In this context, there is not much room for personal egos as all are equal, 32 locally connected photographers, including Frank Leppard and myself, are showcasing what they do at The Margate School.

“Thank you to The Margate School, to all the participating photographers and to all who shared the promo posters.”

The Thanet Photographers exhibition will be open daily 11am to 4pm at TMS, 31-33 High Street, Margate.