Better Housing Better Health: How we can help you


With winter around the corner, having a warm and cosy home becomes vitally important. But now more than ever, you might find yourself struggling to afford keeping your home warm. That’s where Better Housing Better Health (BHBH) comes in.

Our Goal: Beating the Cold and Making Homes Comfy

Our job at BHBH is simple: we want to help people who struggle to heat their homes. We believe that everyone, no matter how much money they have, should have a warm and safe place to live.

Who Are We: Better Housing Better Health

BHBH is a charity that wants to make your home warmer over winter. We offer a few services to make homes warmer and more affordable to run:

  1. Free Advice on Saving Energy: Our team can give you tips on how to save energy at home. Even small changes can help keep your home warm and save you money.
  2. Home Energy Visits: One of our trained advisors can visit your home, complete and assessment and offer advice on how to improve your energy efficiency and lower bills.
  3. Access to funding: If you’re eligible, our team can apply for vital funding to install energy saving measures and case manage to entire process.

Our projects are fully funded, which means we have the money to help people. The only thing left to do is let people know that we’re here to help.

Grace’s Story: A Big Change

Now, let us introduce you to Grace. She had a tough time. Her husband had to go abroad for work, and things got even harder when he got sick with COVID-19 and passed away. Grace had to look after her mum, who was not well. She lost her job, and it was tricky to keep her home warm without much money.

Grace found out about Better Housing Better Health, and things started looking up. Our team put in a new boiler in her home, which made a huge difference. It didn’t just make her home warmer; it made life better for Grace and her mum.

Better Housing Better Health didn’t just help with practical stuff; they were also great at talking with Grace and solving problems.

Helping One Home at a Time

At Better Housing Better Health, we think everyone should have a warm and safe home. Grace’s story is just one example of how we can help when things get tough.

As winter is here, we want to help even more people. We don’t want anyone to be cold in their own home. If you or someone you know is struggling to pay energy bills or keep their home warm, BHBH is here to help.

You can call us at 0800 107 0044 or visit our website at to find out how we can help. Let’s work together to make homes warm and hearts happy this winter.