‘One man band’ releases single ‘Cliftonville Is Not Really Margate’

Tony Westcliff is a one man band

A ‘one man band’ based in Thanet will be among the acts at a fundraiser for Margate Independent Food Bank (MiCommunity), following on the heels of his new single release ‘Cliftonville Is Not Really Margate.’

Tony and the Abominations consists of frontman (and only member) Tony Westcliff. This year he has been playing supporting shows for Radio 6 favourites Liotia, appearing in an open mic performance which was shared on Banksy’s Instagram and has helped launch a new variety show at Margate Arts Club.

The tongue-in-cheek release features five and a half minutes of Tony’s thoughts on the cultural politics of post-gentrification , accompanied by  wailing guitars, trumpets, drums, and (not wailing) keyboards.

The b side “Thanetian Parakeets” is a song from the perspective of one of the area’s ring-tailed parakeets.

Tony is also on the bill for a fundraiser at The Albion Rooms in Cliftonville.

He said: “I’m playing three charity benefit nights on the 15th, 16th and 17th of December at Winter Wasteland. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to see local music and comedy, receive a fantastic festive feast, and also give something to charity all on the same night.

“What could be better than donating to a food bank? Donating to a foodbank while eating, in the warm surrounds of the lovely Albion Rooms.

“It’s not getting any easier for people around here and there is more and more need for foodbanks.”

Tony has other gigs on the cards, including one as Santa but, he says: “Not a traditional Santa, think a bit more Adam Ant, “ and a Christmas single is on the way.

The performer, who describes himself as a Steve Coogan/Alan Partridge kind of guy, recently took part in a Screaming Alley cabaret, playing guitar with a pineapple (he admits it wasn’t very good), has created a ‘discourse chat show’ at Margate Arts Club and released album ‘Down and Out on Northdown Rd.’

The single can be bought at hollowplanetrecords.bandcamp.com or streamed from Spotify and all of the other usual platforms.

The Margate Food Bank fundraiser ‘Winter Wasteland’ festive banquet includes food by chef Anthony Birch, comedy and music from Tony, Genevieve Pepper, Elz and Apagavella.

Tickets are £50 on Eventbrite here


  1. i dont think we need this clown to inform us of anything about cliftonville , you only need to look at the news !

    • Mate, its a joke from a satirical artist. Well done for lacking the intellect to get it, instead, missing the point by a country mile.

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