Emergency services attend report of person in water at Ramsgate harbour

Police on the East Pier Photo Mark Stanford

Emergency services are in attendance at Ramsgate harbour following reports of a person in the water today (November 14).

Photo Mark Stanford

Police and Coastguard are currently on the East Pier and the lifeboat is on the east side of the harbour.

A Ramsgate RNLI spokesperson said: “There was a person in the water on the harbour and the inshore lifeboat launched, collected them and took them back to the boathouse to police and waiting ambulance.”

Photo Mark Stanford

Kent Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service have been asked for further details.


  1. I hope it’s not the same lady from Western Undercliff yesterday as I’d hope she’s in a place of safety now. Either way, wishing them a speedy recovery and all the support they need.

  2. There are far too many people being pushed beyond their limits they can’t see any way out other than jumping in front of trains or going into the sea or finding other ways to kill their self, of course it suits the government, the more that kill themselves themselves is less numbers on the NHS waiting list. Mental health services are like the rest of the NHS been run down by this evil useless government. So when you vote at the next general election just bare in mind. “BUT FOR THE GRACE GOD GO I”
    Vote for any party but NOT the evil Tories.

  3. A bit harsh Bill, it could have been a wild swimmer in difficulty. Political point scoring over what might have been a tragedy is not a “good look”.

  4. John, have you not been following the Covid enquiry it was stated that at a full cabinet meeting when the pandemic struck “ it was alright” if the pandemic wiped out the “ older generation “ the “younger ones will manly survive” the members sitting around that table are manly sill in this useless government I am not points scoring I’m talking facts. That’s how this b government looks at us.

  5. I agree with bill, I suffer with mental health and have for most of my life. This government has no care for people who suffer and now they want to make them return to work. Thousands of people had pip removed from there benefit and now we know why. A change coming in 2025 so if you don’t get pip you will be forced into work. So punish the ill while this government can waste money. Mental health is an illness and this is pushing us all over the edge. Hitting the poorest in this country while sitting in there ivory tower

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