New all-weather lifeboat coming to Ramsgate RNLI station

The Diamond Jubilee (Photo RNLI)

The Diamond Jubilee 16-23 nos. ON1303 will be arriving on Saturday (November 11) at Ramsgate RNLI station to become the station’s new all-weather lifeboat.

The Diamond Jubilee is a self-righting Tamar class originally from Eastbourne RNLI station and named in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The naming ceremony was carried out by the Earl and Countess of Wessex in July 2012 however the lifeboat first took to the water on 6th February on the 60th Anniversary of the day the Queen ascended to the throne and took part in pageant on the River Thames over the Diamond Jubilee weekend in June of 2012.

The RNLI designs and assigns lifeboats to stations around the UK and Ireland according to where they can save the greatest number of lives in the most effective way. The most appropriate lifeboat for a specific station may change over time depending on water use and risks changing in that area.
After a review it was decided that the Tamar class was more suitable to Ramsgate’s current service calls and so the current boat which is a Trent class, Esme Anderson, will, after a refit, go to Eastbourne.
The volunteer crew will leave on Thursday to collect the boat from Poole and overnight in Dover then bring her back to Ramsgate hoping to arrive about 1pm on Saturday.

Operational duties allowing, she hopes to be accompanied into the harbour by Walmer and Margate’s lifeboats as well as Ramsgate’s own inshore lifeboat Claire and David Delves and all weather lifeboat Esme Anderson. It will be lovely to have a boat named after a Royal event in England’s only Royal Harbour.
Weather permitting members of the Royal Temple Yacht Club hope to be out on the water to greet the new boat.
A re dedication service is expected to take place next year.


  1. Oh that’s good God Bless her and all who sail in her. I’ve never needed a lifeboat but it’s peace of mind to know they are there. It’s not often now I take my boat out of the harbour but I’ve exceeded myself with the lovely weather we had.

  2. Was watching Saving Lives at Sea last night and it featured the Margate crew. Certainly very brave men and women.

    A good bit of PR for margate as well until it showed a Union Flag being flown upside down.The same with the 200 yr celebration of ramsgate harbour a nice picture of the harbour again with the Union Flag upside down it wasnt the RNLI flying an upside flag.

    It’s just embarrassing when thanet gets great free PR a good twenty minutes on Saving lives and people cant fly our flag correctly.

    Anyway be nice to see the new boat and thanks for the great job the RNLI do.

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