Chilton’s new senior pupil team ready for action

Chilton’s new senior pupil team

Eight roles were vacant to find two captains that would spearhead each of the school’s four houses.

Candidates from Year 6 had to write and perform a speech to staff and their peers.

The nerve-wracking task was for them to explain why they believed they would be ideal as house captains and what qualities they could bring to the important role.

Votes were gathered and counted, with eight new house captains for this school year formally appointed.

They are Ajoy and Evie for Romans (red badge), Molly and Olivia for Saxons (yellow badge), Skye and Sophie for Vikings (blue badge), and Beau and Annabelle for Normans (green badge).

Deputy Head of School Hannah Cheshire said: “These appointments are role models for other children in the school.

“Our house captains have a variety of jobs throughout the year, including counting up the house points each week and announcing the winners in assembly, running school tours for prospective parents, setting up for assemblies, greeting visitors and supporting the school leadership team with formulating and implementing new initiatives within the school.

“We had many high quality candidates and after a tough job the number was whittled down to the eight successful candidates who we are sure will be terrific ambassadors for Chilton, embracing our values of respect, equality, kindness and courage.

Head of School Alex McAuley congratulated the new team. He added: “I am certain that they will fulfil these responsible roles and make telling contributions as mentors in the coming months.”

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  1. Anyone remember when kids were allowed to be just kids ?

    Now they have to grow up way to quick, the biggest responsibility I had was the milk monitor. But Thatcher snatched that job away from me. Little did I know that Thatcher was going to snatch everything this country had and sell it off.

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