Government funding of £217,995 for Ramsgate Leisure Centre in addition to £162k for Hartsdown

Ramsgate pool (Photo Your Leisure)

Thanet council has been awarded  £217,995 for Ramsgate Leisure Centre from a £20m government fund.

This is in addition to £162,566 received from the fund for Hartsdown pool.

Thanet is one of 103 local authorities to benefit from The Swimming Pool Support Fund.

The central Government funding is aimed to keeping pools afloat in response to increased operating costs.

The Swimming Pool Support Fund was announced at the March Budget to support facilities with swimming pools. This first £20 million of funding is going to the swimming pools and leisure centres most at risk of closure or significant service reduction, and will be used to help with the recent rise in energy costs, such as paying towards immediate maintenance costs, heating and pool chemicals.

The total award of £380,561 funding will be used to help support maintenance costs, heating and pool chemicals.

Cllr Ruth Duckworth, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Property at Thanet District Council, said: “Swimming is a valuable life skill for people of all ages. It is important for personal safety, and this is especially true for us in our coastal location. As a dedicated sea swimmer, I know just how positive swimming is for our physical and mental health and our wellbeing. Swimming pools offer a fantastic opportunity for everyone to benefit, all year round.”

Sport England’s Director of Place, Lisa Dodd-Mayne said “We know just how vital swimming pools and leisure centres are to our nation’s activity levels, which is why Sport England is proud to have played a central role in the delivery of this fund.

“Many pools have faced a real and significant threat to their survival this year, as local authorities and operators battle the challenge of increased energy and maintenance costs, weakened reserves and difficulties with retaining staff.

“This announcement is an important moment in time, but is by no means the end of the work facing us or the support available as we continue to work with our partners to ensure the long-term viability of these vital community resources.”

Thanet council has also submitted a bid for the next phase of funding to improve the energy efficiency of both leisure centres.

Both pools are operated by Your Leisure.

Thanet receives £162k funding to keep Hartsdown pool ‘afloat’


  1. This is great news. Ramsgate leisure centre pool is so important for many people especially since the sea is full of poo.

  2. This is all very well but what is happening to raise cash for the winter Gardens and the theatre Royal in Margate, is Thanet Council just going to let it full to pieces, is this the plan so in a few years Thanet Council can sell them both off.

    • This article has nothing to do with the Winter Gardens or Theatre Royal. Are you suggesting that nothing TDC do is reported on without shoe-horning in your specific hobby-horse.
      The TDC administration have, however, made clear that they want to ensure these facilities are saved but significant investment is essential.

  3. How much of this £200,000 will go to the people of Ramsgate, and how much to the proprietors of the Leisure Centre?

  4. TDC are the ‘proprietors’of the pool,as you term it, but ‘Your leisure ‘ run it,or at least attempt to do so.
    The people of Ramsgate will get nothing,but hopefully the pool will remain open.
    As it was built within the last decade, it should be fairly efficient.I would like to see every pool receive an energy efficiency upgrade and solar panels to bring down the cost of heating and lighting.
    I have been very doubtful that Your Leisure or Thanet Leisure is up to much, but anything that keeps the pool open is to be commended.
    It is however,an example of the sticking plaster policymaking of the current government.
    What should be happening is a crash programme of energy efficiency and micro generation retrofits for swimming pools, and all public buildings including social housing, but maybe that is asking a lot of short-term Sunak.

    • Your suggestion re. solar panels – agree 100%. Can’t remember what the roof of Ramsgate pool looks like but pretty sure it would support a seriously useful number of solar panels – Hartsdown is ideal too and ideally situated. The fact that pools need heating all year round makes this a no-brainer. Only reservation is risk of theft of the panels, not sure if that happens.

  5. how about ,getting cleaners in to Hartsdown pool,the place really dirty,when was the last time the tiles in the actual pool were cleaned

    • Hartsdown is definitely the poor relation. When the roof was damaged the whole place should have been redesigned and rebuilt and done in so it would serve us for Many many years.

  6. Swimmers very rarely shower properly before getting into the pool. So there’s constant faecal contamination in the pool water. When you compare relative water volumes between the sea and a local 25m pool it’s obvious that the level of poo in a public pool is invariably higher than the sea.

    • John, to prevent any faecal contamination whatsoever, pool users would have to shower naked and in a … um … very specific way. To seriously address this, bidets would be necessary. However if there is an issue at the pools then the most likely transmitters would be babies and young children. And I guess it would be relatively easy for parents to ensure that their kids are squeaky clean in a certain area! It’s a weirdly interesting issue but do you have the facts & figures? Or just making assumptions?

      My own view is that cleanliness at Hartsdown is probably at acceptable levels. I’ve swam in so many pools over the years and I think it’s fine, relatively speaking.

  7. The pool should be open longer hours,ie 7am to 10pm , to allow the people that work the opportunity to use it, as it stands the time slots available, are restrictive especially for people who not also work full time but also carry out caring duties, please councillors take this on board.

  8. Ramsgate, swimming pool is it absolute joke we have often taken the grandchildren now only to be told no sorry Paul is not available it’s been used by the scores or sorry you can’t go in. There’s too many children in there. Are you tell you that after you’ve already paid, it was better when it was at Newington Road.

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