St Laurence CE Junior Academy’s mission to become Mental Health Champions

Mental health wellbeing at St Laurence academy

St Laurence CE Junior Academy is on a journey to instil the values of mental well-being and support for its students.

As part of the venture, the school invited a representative from One Goal to kick-start their mission of becoming Mental Health Champions with an activity session.

Year 5 teacher Mrs Campbell said: ” “What a fantastic day we had learning new strategies to help support others around us at school as Mental Health Champions. We will be creating a new group at break and lunch playtimes where children have a place to ask for advice from one another or take part in calming activities together. ”

The long-term goal is for the students to become their own Mental Health Champions, recognising the importance of mental well-being and actively working to support their peers.

Connah, a year 5 pupil, said: “My favourite part was making the calm jars. We made them by adding water, glue, food colouring, and glitter to a jar. It was a great way to focus on something when you needed to calm down.” The practical, hands-on approach is a way to help children develop emotional regulation skills and learn how to manage stress and anxiety.

As the academic year progresses, St Laurence CE Junior Academy is committed to building on the foundation laid during the One Goal session. Through ongoing activities, discussions, and peer support initiatives, they aim to create a culture of open communication, empathy, and mental well-being awareness.