KCC environment chief responsible for tip closure plans resigns Cabinet role

Cllr Susan Carey

By Local Democracy Reporter Simon Finlay

The woman leading Kent County Council’s controversial proposed closures of household tips across the county has resigned from her Cabinet post.

Cllr Susan Carey stepped down as KCC’s cabinet member for environment last night (November 3) – sparking speculation there will be another reshuffle of the authority’s top table.

The cash-saving proposals to axe four of six tips under threat has caused a huge public and political backlash. A consultation period into shutting four of KCC’s waste recycling centres was put on hold in the summer. Officials claimed they needed more time to feed “wider information” into documents.

The tips at risk of closure are Faversham, Tovil (Maidstone), Deal, Richborough, Dartford and Swanley.

A statement issued by KCC monitoring officer Ben Watts to members last night said that “Ms Susan Carey has requested to stand down from the cabinet”.

Mr Watts said KCC leader Cllr Roger Gough would assume responsibility for Cllr Carey’s duties for the environment portfolio, supported by the deputy cabinet member Tony Hills.

The statement added: “When the leader makes further changes to portfolios in due course I will advise accordingly.”

Cllr Carey, who represents Elham Valley, has been approached for a comment.

Labour member for Thanet Cllr Barry Lewis said the resignation shows the “ridiculous” tip closure plans are now in “doubt”.

He added: “It puts into doubt whether these controversial plans to close household tips will go ahead as there has been a major revolt by Conservative backbenchers and opposition members against these ridiculous proposals.”

Cllr Carey became the public face of the proposed closures, which would create more than £1 million in savings for cash-strapped KCC as it looks to find tens of millions of pounds in efficiencies in the coming years to balance its books.

Cllr Gough recently carried out a mini reshuffle of his cabinet and successfully faced down a leadership challenge in early October.

Tory backbenchers are worried about how KCC finances, possible tip closures and potholed roads will play with the electorate when KCC next goes to the polls in 2025.


  1. Next cabinet meeting for environmental matters on November 15 th. That is the earliest date they can discuss matters at council

  2. So she should resign it’s another bird-brain idea from
    KCC close council tips to increase fly tipping, like the idiot councillor who suggested turn all street lights off at night.
    The Tories always look at public spending as a waste instead of an asset and service. They are so selfish in their thinking they only think of themselves.

      • I am afraid they did and quoted the Guardian of all newspapers,to reinforce their argument on grounds of public safety.
        They swiftly withdrew their ‘evidence’ when I retrieved the criminological article and deconstructed it, in front of them.

        • I have just read articles in both the Guardian and the Telegraph which say that car-related crimes decreased when street lights were turned off for parts of the night.

    • “the idiot councillor who suggested turn all street lights off at night.”

      If you drive round most of the villages between here, ashford/dover you’ll find that more often than not, none of them have street lights on after a certain time.

  3. I expect this wasn’t her idea. But being in her position at the kcc she’s taken all the flack . Someone has to do the job maybe she got fed up with the abuse . Who knows .

  4. Susan Carey was never really up to the job, but that said so many of Roger Gough’s ‘team’are not fit for purpose either.KCC has been a one party state for so long,that many of its incumbents are to be frank past it.
    They are stuck in a time warp of provincial Thatcherism,that was never viable in the first place, and now it’s shortcomings are coming home to roost.

  5. Good riddance, the less Tory representatives at al levels the better. Maybe she can be in charge of Cruella’s even dumber & cruel idea of going around stealing tents from the homeless.

    • Whatever I may think of George Nokes or for that matter Ian Shacklock or Keith Veness’s comments on threads on this site I have respect for them in that they publish their real names but you GB News Anchor or whatever you call yourself are pathetic. Maybe you get a thrill from posting on here. How very insecure you are!

      • And how do you know any names on here are real? In the current climate of cancel culture & physical reprisals for having a different opinion maybe many people don’t want to be posting their real names-it can be a sensible precaution.

        Very odd that you find this pathetic-but not wealthy politicians wanting to close public services & take away homeless people’s tents in winter, while making it a criminal offence for anybody else to provide another tent.

  6. Yes But not the original source.It was based on a study which involved the old multi storey car park in Dover amongst other places.it was based on the false premise that street lights don’t deter criminality,and on its own that might be true,but with decent fencing, good street lighting deters criminality at a lower cost than justCCTV for instance.Street lighting also gives confidence to vulnerable members of the public.

  7. If a house or block of flats has a back garden then the inhabitants can, if they want to, put a fence up. But many houses don’t have front gardens, so for them, fencing is irrelevant.

    The Guardian article I read was published last year.

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