Storm Ciaran: Amber weather warning in place until midday

A lucky escape for a man who was sleeping in his camper in Broadstairs Photos Aaron Waterer

Very strong west to southwesterly winds are affecting parts of Kent, including Thanet, where gusts of 70-80 mph are hitting some areas and winds of 85-100 mph are hammering the coast.

An amber weather warning for today (November 2) is in place until midday when winds are expected to ease slightly. A yellow warning remains in place until 5pm.

Resident Aaron Waterer had a lucky escape. He had been sleeping in his camper van in Callis Court Road, Broadstairs,  when he got up for a drink of water at the same time as a branch pierced through the roof and on to the bed where he had been laying moments before.

The roof of the toilets near Ramsgate Tunnels has also come away from the structure and there is debris in the surrounding area.

Photo Frank Leppard

There has also been damage to a wall by Bleak House in Broadstairs, a large tree has split on Callis Court Road by the Lanthorne pub in Broadstairs (photos below by Olivia Lawlor) and some scaffolding has been blown from a building on the corner of Ramsgate’s Harbour Street.


A large tree was also uprooted in St Augustines Road Ramsgate.

St Augustines Road Ramsgate Photo Kent Highways

There has also been disruption to rail services. In Thanet a tree is currently blocking the line at Dumpton.


Margate and Ramsgate Cemeteries are currently closed due to the weather warning. There are mature trees in the grounds of both cemeteries, and due to the rainfall the ground is very soft, which means there is a greater chance of trees falling in the wind.

Photo Frank Leppard

Storm Ciaran: Weather warnings and where to check for transport, power, flood and safety updates


  1. More reason Broadstairs needs a campsite. I think Joss Bay is a fiver a night?
    But would people pay £25+ a night for a real site? if you can park in the road for free?
    Not just to stop people parking up where they like but also health & safety.
    This guy could have been staked like a vampire – very lucky man.

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