Ramsgate Arts Primary gives boost to Fairtrade charity

Learning about Fairtrade at RAPS

The Fairtrade charity has been boosted thanks to the generosity of children and families at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

As part of their learning about global trade, the Year 5 group has been finding out about the organisation and its importance around the world to individuals, communities and businesses.

The children decided to make and bake muffins using fair trade ingredients to sell to friends and family in return for donations.

Assistant Head of School and Head of Year 5 Hannah Dannell explained: “We chose the ingredients which included chocolate, banana, orange and fair trade sugar.

“The children also designed and made the packaging thinking about the logo, colours, slogan, brand name and ingredients list.

“In total, we raised just over £200 from the sale of the cakes which was donated to the Fair Trade Foundation which helps bring Fairtrade to more small farmers all over the world, so they can earn a fair price for their produce and invest in their futures.”

Head of School Nick Budge was impressed with the fund raising effort. He said: “What a marvellous way to support this worthwhile charity. Our children are encouraged to embrace a wider world view as part of their ongoing education at RAPS and this initiative from the Year 5 group was an informative – and tasty – success.”

*Fairtrade Fact File

Fairtrade works with farmers and workers so they can improve their living standards, invest in their communities and businesses, and protect our shared environment.

Fairtrade achieves this by rallying a global community of millions – farmers and workers, supply chain partners, brands, retailers, shoppers, schools, government – to pay fair prices and uphold fair production standards and practices.

Fair prices provide an immediate lifeline for farmers and workers struggling with low incomes and disadvantaged by global trade.

To find out more, go online to www.fairtrade.org.uk