Frankie’s Food Bank created at Monkton CofE Primary School by Year 6 pupil

Frankie Fraser, 11, has created a food bank for the village

A Year 6 pupil at Monkton C0fE Primary School has set up a food bank to help residents in the village who are finding the cost of living crisis hard to navigate.

Frankie Fraser, 11, has displayed Monkton school’s ethos of Compassion, Courage and Justice after being inspired by footballer Marcus Rashford who helped children and families get food during the pandemic.

In collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team at Monkton, Frankie decided  a community food bank would make a huge difference and have a positive impact on many families who are struggling.

Frankie said: “I am setting up the food bank to help everyone who is having a hard time because of the cost of living crisis. All parents and children need to do is bring a tin or two into school every now and again. We donate at harvest time so why can’t we donate all year round?”

Head of School, Chris Marston, added: “We are all so proud of Frankie. This isn’t the first time he has led an initiative to help others as last year he organised a charity run as a result of being inspired by Pele and his charity work despite being unwell with cancer.

“Frankie has compassion, courage and justice running through his veins – what a superb role model he is to his peers and the younger children!”

Every day, Frankie’s Food Bank will be open for donations during school drop off and collection times, with the food then being collected by a larger, local food bank every fortnight.