Ramsgate singer Lucy Taylor’s single release ahead of upcoming album

Lucy Taylor expects to release her album next Spring Photo Hannah St .George

A love of music and performing fostered by teachers at Chatham & Clarendon school has led Ramsgate singer Lucy Taylor to a pivotal point in her career.

The 25-year-old has recently released single Copy of a Copy and is hard at work putting together album Identity Crisis.

Lucy, who says she has also been inspired by her dad Ashley Taylor of bands Einstein’s Children and The 68s, has been recording at the Ramsgate studio of artist Wagga Man who produced for 90s rapper Roots Manuva.

Photo Hannah St .George

Lucy, who graduated BIMM London with a songwriting degree in 2020, said: “I’m working alongside Wagga Man aka Theo Gordon who set up a studio here with the intention of working with local artists and creatives.

“It is a jazz, electronic infused album which has taken a couple of years and is ongoing, part of being an independent musician is being really patient. It will be coming out in Spring next year.

“I’m hoping to get a few gigs now the single is out, somewhere like Ramsgate Music Hall and I’m hoping to do something acoustic at St George’s Church where I used to sing with the school, it reverberates and echoes there really nicely.”

Lucy says her time at Chatham & Clarendon was a major stepping stone for her songwriting. She said: “Music was such a huge part of the school and it allowed me write songs and go on to my music degree. Since then I have not stopped writing.

“I’d love to write for other people, to perform locally and maybe do some musical theatre or film writing because I love how music can add to visuals.”

Photo Hannah St .George

Lucy, who also works full-time at Albion House in Ramsgate, says having to pack so much into her time takes a lot of energy but being under pressure also helps her to be creative.

She has  previously performed in theatre shows and even taught herself to play the piano after her dad brought one home that Thanet Stage School no longer needed.

She said: “I did musical theatre with lots of local shows at the Granville and that’s where I developed my performance and stage craft.

“My dad is also a great inspiration, seeing someone musical who has built up a following and done a really good job over the last ten years.

“A lot of my songs are influenced by living here and the experiences I have had, It’s exciting.”

Lucy will be releasing three more singles from the album between now and the new year and is hoping  to secure record label representation,

Find single Copy of a Copy and keep updated on Lucy’s social media pages via https://linktr.ee/intuition_planet