Margate WI calls for action on litter at Tivoli Park with Halloween pumpkin message to councillors

Margate WI, shown at this month's litter pick, have sent these pumpkins to councillors

Members of Margate Women’s Institute are calling on Thanet councillors to transform Tivoli Park into a treat rather than a trick for families this Halloween.

Since May, the group has met regularly to pick up litter in and around the green spaces of Margate.

Members were left stunned by the amount of rubbish in Tivoli, prompting them to organise two sessions to try and clear it up.

The local WI’s first visit in August resulted in them clearing the steps to Sanger Close of broken glass and dog mess bags, as well as removing shredded drinks cans found buried in the grass  near the mini football pitch.

On their return visit to the green space on Sunday 1 October, nine members from the group collected 22 bin bags of rubbish as well as suitcases, prams and large pieces of plastic from the verges surrounding the footpath, leading from the play area, under the railway bridge towards Tivoli Park Avenue.

The session was held on the same day that new laws regarding single-use plastic were introduced in England.

More bins needed

Margate WI committee member, Mandy Jarvis, who organises the litter picks, said: “While it was heartening to know that steps are being taken to reduce the amount of plastic waste which enters the environment across our country, our litter pick at Tivoli was a reminder of how much rubbish is sadly already there, and likely to remain unless we make the effort to clear it.

“Unfortunately Tivoli doesn’t seem to have enough bins. The area could be improved if bins were more readily available. We found just one by the play area.

“There weren’t any in the area which runs alongside Tivoli Park Avenue, just lots of litter. Other parks in Thanet have many rubbish and dog mess bins which cover smaller areas.

“Ultimately people should not drop litter and there is no excuse for it, but we are asking Thanet District Council to consider installing more bins in this area and encourage people to play their part in keeping Tivoli tidy.”

Hoping to get their message across, members of Margate WI have written to councillors to ask for help. Included with the letters are specially-made crocheted pumpkins, which have two faces. One side has a happy face and the other side features a scarier Jack-o-lantern expression, expressing the message act now to stop Tivoli turning into a horror story for families.

Mandy added: “We hope that our local councillors will understand and will not play trick or treat with the state of Tivoli play area. Install more bins and help keep Margate tidy.”

Deputy council leader Helen Whitehead posted to facebook to show off her crocheted pumpkin and said: “Councillor Albon will be requesting more bins for Tivoli next week; more public waste bins will be appearing across Thanet as we replace the dog waste bins that were removed with general waste bins, but we’re more than happy to specifically look at both the number and positioning of bins in Tivoli.”


  1. I fully concur with this but remember the council are pretty poorat picking up litter.Last fireworks display on Broadstairs beach had a sudden influx of hundreds of people.Half an hour later the whole area had more litter than people that attended.Broken beer bottles cans,cigarette butts,food cartons etc strewn everywhere.Including residents gardens. All left overnight to blow into the sea and nooks and crevices. Nett zero you are joking.

    • You have clearly hit the nail on the head.

      Where does all this rubbish come from ?

      It does not fall from the sky !

      It comes from those generations of people who’s mummies and daddies never told them to either put their rubbish in the bin or take it home with them.

      There are far too many people who have the attitude that it is the Council’s job to pick up the cans, bottles, packets, boxes, etc., that they no longer want and throw on the ground.

      • To a large degree, yes – but foxes, seagulls and wind, also spread rubbish, as they always have done. Difference is, at one time the whole of Thanet would have roadsweepers nearly every day, and dustman cleaned up after them with shovels and brooms. So, I blame filthy slobs AND the council.

        I had the displeasure of walking the back streets of Deptford and New Cross earlier this year, and just like parts of Thanet, there are boarded up shops, crumbling buildings and grafitti everywhere. However, the actual streets are remarkably clean, thanks to daily roadsweeping.

  2. Council removes loads of waste bins and dog poo bins.

    Surprised that littering and dog fouling increases.

    We elected them……..

    • Trouble is, TDC are rubbish (pun intended) whoever we vote in. It really is time it was scrapped, and amalgamated with other councils.

    • Actually people have elected this Council, who are replacing the removed bins.

      I got the request from Margate WI (and the very cute pumpkin) yesterday; we are already replacing the dog waste bins that were allocated for removal under the previous administration with general waste bins, and Councillor Albon agreed to request further bins for Tivoli yesterday, as soon as we were contacted, and I posted to confirm yesterday evening.

      We’re also providing extra waste and street cleansing operatives within the budget.

      All the best,


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