Pitchside: Ramsgate storming up the table

Another win for Rams Photo John Emmins

By pitchside reporter Andy Mason

 Broadbridge Heath 0     Ramsgate 2

                                             Joe Taylor (11p, 45p)

Our morning starts in the pouring rain as we wait for Taf,f our Loyalty Connections coach driver. The thirty fans expecting a game to be called off at any minute, then the 10.30am pitch inspection, the game was on and we were on our way with persistent rain for the entire journey. Mystic Mick was confident there would be a clear window in the weather and the game would go ahead, how right he was as the clouds parted and the sun beamed down and the players took to the pitch.

The BodyMould Mattresses Stadium had a pristine playing surface although sounding a little squelchy in places, we were underway.  Rams start well but the Bears have the first attack of the game as Tom Hadler is forced into a diving save low to his right.

Tenth minute Rams hit a long forward pass putting Alfie Paxman through. Keeper Roshan Greensall flies off his line to meet Paxman going in too heavy for the referee’s liking and being the last man he’s sent off and Rams have a penalty kick. With no substitute keeper Jack Frankland the right back picks up the gloves and the number one jersey and goes in goal. Goal scoring superman Joe Taylor steps up to stroke Rams into the lead.

Photo John Emmins

Bears instantly make a sub taking Mason Doughty off for a defender Lewis Scally thus reducing the Bears attacking options.

Rams trying to take advantage of the extra man continuing to move the ball quickly to feet. Frankland is in for a busy day in the Bears goal, Taylor lays off a perfect pass and Lee Martin fires in a shot brilliantly saved. Rams trying to dribble through rather than taking pot shots which in these conditions would be a better option.

Bears do still have a threat as they attack down their left and Parter is forced to defend. Rams seemingly in control a little more now as we come to the mid-point. In the midpoint of this half the extra man starting to tell.  Rams win a freekick in shooting range for Martin his shot again saved by Frankland as he parries the ball out for another Rams corner.

Majority of the game now being played in the Bears half as Rams continue to play on the front foot, a slip in midfield and a quick ball up field sees Mario Quiassaca, Bears striker fire in a shot planting the ball on to the roof of Tom Hadler’s net as he scrambled back, there’s still fight in these Bears.

Rams undaunted, press on with A Paxman getting through a lot of work on the wing and having swapped sides with Jordan Green, he was now terrorising the left back.  I think both full backs would be glad of the rest at half time with the pace of the Rams wingers.

Just on the stroke of half time Martin with a great pass to Alfie Paxman, he cuts into the box there’s a clash with a defender Paxman goes down and Rams have a second penalty. It’s Taylor again to take, fires in his spot kick and Frankland gets a foot to it but cannot keep it out, Rams two up at half time.

Photo John Emmins

The second half is a little dour, as Rams  knock the ball around taking advantage of the extra man, moving the ball around in the midfield with ease.  Taylor links up with Alfie Paxman, a cross to the back post defended stoutly by Scally who’s had a good game bearing in mind he’s spent most of the time chasing Paxman.

The game feels as if its plateaued with both sides resigned to the status quo, with neither seemingly wanting more action.

Sixty third Rams push forward as Tijan Jadama makes a run forward collides with Frankland. It looks innocuous but Jadama is in a lot of pain and has to be stretchered off.  Benny Bioletti enters the action, adding even more pace on the flanks.

Rams make another couple of subs with the game now safe as first Freddie Oliver replaces Green & Wes Hennessey replaces Alfie Paxman, both wingers deserving the rest.

Rams see out the game taking another three points and moving them rapidly up the league table now up to seventh with four games in hand on the leaders and eleven points behind.

Rams marching on with another three points up for grabs on Wednesday night as they host lowly placed Horndean.

Attendance: 165

RFSA player of the match: Jack Parter

The Teams:

HEATH:  1Roshan Greensall, 2Jack Frankland, 3Jamie Chesworth , 4Andrew Waddingham, 5Tadley Bromage, 6Ryan Brackpool, 7Matt Penfold, 8Louis Evans, 9Mario Quiassaca, 10Sam Lemon, 11Mason Doughty

Subs: 12Lewis Scally , 14Jake Lindsey, 15Faris Khallouqi, 16Stan Berry, 17Josh Barlow

RAMS: 1Tom Hadler, 3Jack Parter, 5Alfie Young, 8Jack Paxman, 9Joe Taylor, 10Jordan Green, 11Alfie Paxman, 14Medy Elito, 15Lee Martin, 18Sinnkaye Christie , 20Tijan Jadama

Subs: 6Bode Anidugbe, 7Benny Bioletti, 16Wes Hennessey, 17Mike West, 19Freddie Oliver

Ramsgate next in action

25Oct Home v Horndean 7:45pm

28Oct Away v Hythe Town FA Trophy 3pm

04 Nov Home v Woking FA Cup 3pm

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