Major search for man reported overboard from passenger ship off Ramsgate

The Coastguard helicopter Photo John Horton

Ramsgate RNLI is among the organisations involved in the search for a man who went overboard off Ramsgate today (October 22).

A search is currently being coordinated by HM Coastguard with the Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Lydd alongside a Coastguard fixed-wing aircraft and the RNLI’s all-weather lifeboats from Ramsgate and Dover.

The Ramsgate crew launched at 8.20am with the Coastguard then alerted at 8.55am today.

A HM Coastguard spokesperson said: ” HM Coastguard is coordinating the search for a man reported overboard from a passenger ship off Ramsgate on 22 October.

“HM Coastguard was alerted at about 8.55am. The HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter has been sent from Lydd alongside a Coastguard fixed-wing aircraft and the RNLI’s all-weather lifeboats from Ramsgate and Dover.”

It has been confirmed that the man is a crew member aboard German cruise ship Aida Perla which is travelling from Hamburg to Rotterdam.

AIDA Cruises issued a statement today, saying: “AIDA Cruises confirms that there is reason to believe that a crew member of AIDAperla went overboard in the English channel in the early morning of October 22.

“The captain and crew of AIDAperla immediately initiated all necessary rescue measures in close coordination with the local authorities. The search on board confirmed that a male crew member is missing. The ship was immediately stopped and returned to the spot where the incident was believed to have taken part in the search.

“The search for the missing person is ongoing and has our utmost priority.”


    • “If only we had somewhere closer than Lydd for a helicopter and aircraft…”

      I’m sure you’d only end up moaning about your council tax rising to pay for maintenance of the runway for one plane to take off on extremely sporadic schedules.

      Lydd makes sense as it covers both the coast going north, and the coast going west towards sussex and allows emergency services and the home office a more direct route to the centre of the channel and international border. Its where the home office launch their fixed wing, helicopter and drone reconnaissance for small boats from for the exact same reason.

  1. Yes the RAF sea king helicopters that were based at Manston Airport saved many lives over the years with their fast response. Let’s hope they can return soon.

    • Polar helicopters still works from the Mandton site.
      The decision by HM Coastguard to relocate to Lydd has noth8ng to do with the closure of Manston Airport in 2014.
      And shame on you for using this tragic situation for your own ends.

        • No, but there is obviously a facility there for helicopters.
          The decision by HM Coatguard to move to Lydd had nothing to do with Manston Airport closing, and nothing to do with whatever outcome there is to this event.

      • Oh really!

        Are you that silly to think I or anyone else for that matter, want to gain at somebody, possibly, losing their life.

        Shame on you.

        • The shame is on all of you who have sought to drag “Manston” into this news item that has got absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Manston.

          • I’m sure even you Andrew, could work out that search and rescue looking for someone off Ramsgate would get there much quicker from Manston than Lydd.

    • This man might be dead -but you use this news item as an excuse to give your views about the ex-airport. That’s really sensitive and caring, isn’t it?

      • Indeed, search and rescue would be there a few minutes quicker, wherever “there” is.
        In the scheme of things, that would have made no difference. It was some time before the crew member was determined to be missing: this huge ship had been searched from top to bottom. By the time the alert was sent out and the ship was turned round, the location of anyone in the water would be unknown.
        And the closing of Manston had nothing to do with the relocation of the Coastguard helicopter to Lydd. As I pointed out, helicopters still fly from the Manston site.

  2. Funny how some of you folk when seeing the word ‘MANSTON’, always, but always put a political spin on it. I never mentioned ‘MANSTON’ in a political way at all. I implied was that the departure of SAR operations was the worst thing to happen on the closure of MANSTON airport.

    • And the closure of Manston had no impact on the relocation of SAR to Lydd. Helicopters still fly from Manston.

  3. Bristow Helicopters was forced to consider alternatives after the airport’s closure.
    Never to return to Manston.

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