Bite size learning at St Nicholas primary

Learning about dental hygiene

Children at St Nicholas CE Primary School have been sinking their teeth into their latest topics.

Year 4 are on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body including how to brush up on dental care.

Their close-up exploration of all matters dental has involved using eggs to investigate how tooth enamel is eroded by different food and drink and how important it is to brush your teeth regularly.

Children were astounded at the damage that cola and ketchup can cause – in some cases the solution had completely eroded the egg shell leaving only the soft membrane of the egg.

They had great fun learning from a visiting dental expert and all agreed to look after their newly grown adult teeth.

The dental experience is part of their ongoing topic ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ which investigates the digestive system and how to keep it healthy.

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “Teaching our children how to keep healthy is a priority for us. We believe in empowering them to make healthy choices about exercise, diet and self-care as we know how closely linked this is to their emotional and mental wellbeing.

“This topic has a variety of learning strands that are important to our children, and the focus on teeth helped us reinforce our ongoing personal health message about the need to look after your teeth as you grow up and the importance of oral hygiene.”