Half term fun at Monkton Nature Reserve

Monkton Nature Reserve

Monkton Nature Reserve has a programme of events taking place between October 24-27.

Spooky Scavenger Hunt – Free, daily during opening hours, no need to book,  ask at reception for a scavenger sheet

What can you find, see, and hear on the reserve at this time of year? A leaf the colour of a pumpkin? A silky, spider’s web? Rustling leaves? Collect a scavenger sheet at reception and join in the fun. All participants will receive a woodland mask prize at the end of the hunt.

Snake VS Slow Worm – Tuesday 24th Oct 11am

Is it a snake? Is it a slow worm? Both can be found on the reserve. Together we will find out how to tell these reptiles apart. Decorate a wobbly, wooden toy as a grass snake or a slow worm, then take them home. Play giant, outdoor ‘Snakes and Ladders’

Creepy Crafts (Plastic Free) – Tuesday 24th Oct 1pm

A relaxed session where you can choose between a range of seasonal crafts – nature wands, ghost leaves and garlands, pine cone spiders, broomsticks and even garlic bulb planting to ward off the vampires!

Blackberry Paint and Bird Box Buffets – Thursday 26th Oct 11am

Discover the role of brambles on the reserve. What is a ‘drupelet’? Crush up and make blackberry paint. Use it to paint pictures. Build an egg box bird feeder and fill it with tasty treats for the birds.

Wild Classroom – Thursday 26th Oct 11:30am

Wild Classroom is back preparing your lunch cooked over fire. A hands on, outdoor session, cooking from scratch.

Magic at Monkton – Thursday 26th Oct 1:30pm

Come and discover the world of the Monkton fairies and their magical plats that inhabit this realm. Discover the secrets of the trees and plants around the reserve. Which tree bleeds red when cut? Where do the fairies like to build their homes? A walk with the Warden that takes place around the lower reserve. Suitable for all ages. Free but please reserve your space: [email protected]

Pumpkin Spiced Playdough – Friday 27th Oct 11am

Make and keep your own spiced, coloured playdough, then free play with seasonal cutters, pine cones, leaves, sticks and seeds from the reserve

Bat-ivity – Friday 27th Oct 1pm

Collect sticks and leaves to make a hanging bat mobile. Examine a bat skeleton. Collect a bat fact pack. Have you spotted the bat cave on the reserve?

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