“Miserable” facilities at Jackey Bakers in Ramsgate could be set for revamp

Chris and June set up the petition calling for an overhaul of the neglected facilities

By Local Democracy Reporter Daniel Esson

A “miserable” sports ground falling into rack and ruin  could be set for a revamp following pressure from residents.

Jackey Bakers in Ramsgate was gifted to the people of the town by the first female mayor in 1924.

Nearly a century later, residents who use the site say it is unsafe and clubbed together to call on Thanet District Council (TDC) to overhaul the grounds, situated in the centre of Newington.

At a meeting of the full council on October 12, campaigner June Tyrrell presented to members a 1,500 signature strong petition calling for the overhaul.

“Jackey Bakers, once home to a football and hockey astroturf pitch and cricket ground, has seen a huge decline in their facilities over the years,” she said in the council chamber off Cecil Street.

“The cricket ground is no more and the amount of vandalism caused to the astroturf pitch has deemed it unusable.”

The changing rooms and toilets on the site are known to contain asbestos.

Ms Tyrrell, 37, continued: “We feel the improvements required include extra bins located around the site, both general and dog waste, benches along the main path and outer edges of the football pitches, a changing facility complete with running hot water for showers and toilets, improved pitches for footballers and a car park.

“We have taken further feedback from the community and feel that a sports pavilion with a café on site would be widely welcomed by all that use Jackey Bakers.

“A larger play area with picnic benches and a skate park would make great use of one of the unused pitches.

“Since launching the petition we have seen improvements starting to be made, with the grass being maintained to a better standard and new goalposts being provided.

“We have a community action group where we will be advertising fundraising ideas to enable us to continue to contribute to any improvements for Jackey Bakers.”

The petition was organised by  June, who is involved in league football alongside partner Terry Robbins – who is club manager for FC Enoteca – and resident Chris Collins, who uses the rec for walking her dog.

The motion was met with support from councillors at the meeting, with cabinet member Steve Albon (Lab) saying “Jackey Bakers and the redevelopment of that land is a priority for me, and I can assure you that along with myself and the senior officers of this council that is what we intend to do.”

In a response to the petition on the council website, an officer wrote that in the medium term “The council proposes to demolish the pavilion subject to planning consent and the procurement of demolition services.”

They add that once this has been completed temporary changing rooms can be installed.


Cllr John Davis (Con) said during the meeting: “I’d just like to welcome this petition and to say as a lifelong resident of Ramsgate how much all residents support the maintenance of Jackey Bakers.

“I’d like to raise the fact that (Section) 106 monies were allocated for the restoration of the changing rooms in these pavilions several years ago, which it appears have not been used for the purposes they were allocated for.”

Cllr Rebecca Wing (Green) also praised the petition, citing the £2 million makeover of Ellington Park in Ramsgate as a model to look to.

Cllr William Scobie (Lab) cited the potential for the site to be used for events to generate money for the local authority “in a time where the council is struggling for money.”

Cllr Debra Owen-Hughes (Lab), who represents Northwood also praised the move, saying “The facilities at Jackey Bakers are miserable to say the least.

“The pitches and surrounding areas are dreadful.”

Council leader Rick Everitt (Lab) committed to a report being given to the cabinet on the state of the beleaguered sports site and the possibilities for its future.

A query about the 106 monies has been lodged with Thanet council

Petition launched calling for major improvements to neglected Jackey Bakers rec in Ramsgate


  1. I bet in 1924 jackie Bakers was a lot different in those days-NO YOBS FLY TIPPING GRAFETTI ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR-Newington estate has always been a dump-In fact am moving soon be glad to see the back off this sad old dump-It will never change. Its the councils fault not done anything.

  2. The Police cuts by government and the way the Police decide to do there job, gives yobs as you put it the confidence to believe they will get away with it. 13 years of poxy Tories.

  3. I remember when they wer built as a kid , they had a barn for tractor mowers ect , and a cricket pavilion up the top , and us kids in those days had respect and wer scared of the law , especially ginger beard he gave you a clip around tge ear , tough days but wonderful .

  4. Funny how there’s missing money again, plus you might notice that the changing rooms will be replaced with temporary building. And cllrs mentioned how to make a profit and not just care for and keep our parks to a standard that will benefit local living. We all pay for this in council tax so why not do what we have paid for,or reduce the tax to reflect the poor services they sort of don’t provide

  5. TDC should take a good hard look at what was a wonderful sporting facility for thousands of locals, and feel thoroughly ashamed. They won’t though!😐

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