Margate RNLI rescue yacht grounded on rocks off Margate

The yacht under tow to Ramsgate by Margate RNLI inshore lifeboat (RNLI Margate - Andy Welch)

Margate’s RNLI lifeboat volunteers have come to the rescue of a yacht which grounded on rocks east of Margate.

UK Coastguard received a report from a member of the public around 7am this morning (Tuesday 10 October) of a small boat appearing to be aground, possibly upside down on rocks at Foreness Point around two miles east of Margate.

Margate’s D class inshore lifeboat was tasked to investigate, Margate Coastguard Rescue Team (CRT) also responded. The lifeboat found the casualty vessel, a 25’ yacht with two persons on board, aground on a rising tide just to the west of the Southern Water outfall pipes at Foreness Point.

The occupants were attempting to refloat the craft themselves but as it was in danger of coming into contact with the pipes the lifeboat crew connected a tow line and assisted them.

Once in deep water it was established that while the vessel’s structural integrity was intact its engine was inoperative. As the yacht’s mast was stowed and the craft unable to proceed on its own it was agreed the lifeboat would tow the vessel to Ramsgate harbour, the nearest suitable safe port of refuge.

On arrival at Ramsgate the casualty vessel was moored safely and met by members of the CRT. The occupants were unharmed after their adventure and the lifeboat returned to station.

Christian Wright, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate Lifeboat said: “The rocks at Foreness have deep gullies and together with the two outfall pipes can entrap small craft if they run aground making refloating problematic, fortunately the lifeboat was able to ensure the yacht refloated safely on the rising tide.”


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