Biology firm developing tech that cuts need for animal testing to open lab at Discovery Park

Wadah Malaeb, CEO and Founder of DLOC Biosystems, at Discovery Park Picture: Andy Jones/Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Sandwich has been chosen for the base of a new biology facility to develop technology which reduces the requirement for animal testing.

DLOC Biosystems will set up its biology lab within Discovery Park’s life science cluster to continue development of its state-of-the-art organ-on-a-chip technology and deliver accurate assay testing services to pharmaceutical companies to advance drug discovery.

DLOC Biosystems was founded to enable faster, safer and cheaper drug development. The company’s chips provide an environment where cells can grow and reorganise into tissues, providing the perfect setting for large scale, affordable drug testing.

Its technology will help to enable the reduction and replacement of animal testing, by providing more accurate data on safety and efficacy than current pre-clinical testing models.

With an engineering team based in Lebanon, DLOC was looking to build a new biology team based in the UK. The company selected Discovery Park’s high-spec lab facilities due to its reputation as a leading hub for life sciences and the opportunity it offers for future expansion.

Discovery Park’ provides future opportunities for collaboration as well as a network of potential customers, a key consideration for life science start-ups.

Wadah Malaeb, CEO and Founder of DLOC Biosystems, said: “We were initially interested in locating in London as it offered access to an excellent talent pool, however, the cost and availability of high-spec lab space as well as living costs for potential employees proved inhibitive.

“When I visited Discovery Park, I was impressed not just by the quality of the facilities available, but also by the extensive business support offered by the team. The park and its surroundings provide an ideal location to build our business and I look forward to joining the Discovery Park community.”

Chris Broom, Head of Business Development at Discovery Park, added: “We’re passionate about supporting the transformation of ideas into successful commercial innovation. As well as access to our cutting-edge facilities, DLOC will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with our community of innovative start-ups and established companies.

“We are excited to welcome Wadah and his team to Discovery Park and look forward to working with them to support the growth of the company and deliver significant benefits to the drug discovery industry.”

DLOC is currently recruiting a biology team leader to start and build its new team at Discovery Park and will also expand its engineering team on site. It is also participating in the Discovery Spark programme for life science start-ups to develop and refine its business offering.

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