Debut for Margate singer and event company with EP release party

Debut EP release for Margate singer Nata

An EP release party in Margate this Saturday (October 7) will be a debut event for Margate singer Nata and for music and events company founder Tamara Pile-Gray.

Nata, 24, will launch EP Metamorphosis on the day of the event, which is being held at Silvers in Margate High Street.

The launch has been organised by music, media and events company Beverlty, founded by Tamara to give local musicians, particularly young musicians and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, a place where they can get everything they need in one place – and to make sure these services are affordable or free where possible.

Tamara (pictured above) said: “The idea came to me just before I went back to college to study music technology as a mature student in 2018 after being inspired by the STTV music platform for local artists.

“Over the years I have assisted several local artists, recording and mixing their tracks, taking professional photos, filming music videos and giving general career advice where I can.

“I went on to university to study combined honours in events planning, film, radio and television to build on my knowledge in different areas that would allow me to assist artists further and have recently graduated.

“I’ll be running my first event at the weekend at Silvers in Margate, which will celebrate the debut album of an extremely talented local artist, Nata.”

Nata also studied a music technology course at Canterbury College and has been working to perfect her sound and image as an artist.

Tamara, 29, said: “When studying just five years ago, Nata’s confidence was fairly low and she was barely able to sing in front of a small group of people, let alone on stage! Her growth since then has been amazing. She has performed in various shows in the area, many of which have been hosted by a local promotion company Starbwoy Empire, and others by VIPbusylow.

“The crowds always thoroughly enjoy her performances as they sing along to her tracks, particularly ‘Chocolate’, which is available on all major platforms.

“The new EP from Nata called Metamorphosis, which will be released on the day of the event, brings back those old-school R&B sounds. The tracks are not just beautiful to listen to, they are also very personal to Nata with the recent positive changes that she has made in life, many of which come as a result of her decision to pursue her career in music.

“She has faced many battles in her past but, is ready to begin a new chapter that she wants everyone to be a part of as she makes her way to the top.

“The real start of this chapter will be on October 7th when she releases the brand-new EP and headlines her first show. This will be a very special moment for both Nata and Bevelyt as both take the next steps into their future.”

The launch event starts at 6pm with tickets starting from £10. There will also be performances by Charb from Ramsgate and N7ANDO from Margate

All information for the event can be found on the Facebook event page ‘Metamorphosis’.

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