Margate IT worker to launch recycle/repair and donate tech venture

Connor will launch TheSideQuest website later this month

A Margate IT worker is aiming to help people recycle and repair their tech goods, limiting landfill waste and saving people cash in a time of cost of living constraints.

Connor Bryne, 28, is also pledging to take tech items, such as laptops, as ‘goodwill assets’ that can be given a tune up and passed on to charity groups, schools and/or residential homes.

Connor has been carrying out repairs and support since early 2017 under the title 1Upcycling. This started as a side hobby that grew during Covid and Connor now plans to launch later this month under the new name of

He said: “I believe in recycling/repairing old tech, it minimises landfill waste and doesn’t leave a burning hole in your pocket.

“We live in a throwaway society and my aim is to help people make tech go further and last longer, saving money and saving the planet to a certain degree.“

TheSideQuest offers services from upgrading PC hardware, software diagnostics to deep cleaning  machines to get them back in the game.

Equipment can also be recycled and the launch will include pre-loved laptops, desk tops and other devices for sale that have been stripped down and built back, with a one year guarantee.

Connor also plans to make sure charities rather than landfill get devices that  just need a little bit of TLC.

He said: “A lot of people part with old stuff but don’t want it to just go in the bin and would rather it is reused. If they mark it as a goodwill asset if can then get a bit of TLC and go to charity, either one they choose or I can pass it on. I have reached out to some charities and just need to make sure they are able to get equipment PAT tested.

“The idea came when I was living in Ramsgate near a residential home and there was this old gent who would be in sitting room just sat looking at a TV screen that was on standby. Potentially he could have been someone who would benefit from having a recycled laptop. I am also contacting schools and clubs.

The website will launch later this month at or Connor can be contacted by email at [email protected]


  1. That’s wonderful Connor. Good luck with the project.

    We need more initiatives like this. Just yesterday my lawn mower stopped working. Any suggestions of where I can take it to be repaired?

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