St Laurence CE Junior Academy’s themed library revamp

St Laurence has revamped the library

St Laurence CE Junior Academy is welcoming a new chapter in its journey with the start of its dual-themed library.

Due to an ever-expanding collection of books and a growing number of children with amazing reading appetites, the school has split its library into two distinct spaces: the enchanting Lower Library and the tranquil Upper Library.

The Lower Library has undergone a transformation into a jungle-themed wonderland. Children entering this vibrant space will be greeted by colourful displays that bring the wild to life. A comfy reading nook nestled among faux tree trunks offers the children a cosy atmosphere to dive into the world of literature. One of the year 5 children said, “I love the new library! The Lower Library feels like a magical jungle!”

On the other side of the school, the Upper Library provides a calm space that encourages focused reading and study. Designed with space for students to read or work, it’s a great environment for working in small groups or quite reading.

Mrs Mountjoy, the English lead at St. Laurence CE Junior Academy, said: “We believe this captivating setting will make reading an even more exciting and enjoyable experience for our children.”

The revamped library is part of St Laurence CE Junior Academy’s commitment to fostering a love for reading and providing an encouraging learning environment for its children.