Fundraiser launched in bid to save Margate Radio

Margate Radio

A Margate radio station faces closure unless it can replace vital equipment.

Margate Radio was originally launched following a kickstarter appeal in 2017 by founders Obaro and Kate Ejimiwe. It closed its Cliff Terrace base in 2019 but relaunched as as a single weekly show during the initial COVID-19 lockdown and has grown into a bustling community radio station, broadcasting every weekend from the Whereelse? venue in The Centre.

Run entirely by volunteers, the station now broadcasts some 90 diverse shows with listeners from 80 different countries.

But the station has had to return at short notice broadcasting and DJ equipment which had been generously loaned to the team. Without equipment, there will be no radio station.

The volunteers are now hoping to raise just over £10,000 which will mean they can establish a fully equipped community radio booth, a space where 80+ hosts and producers can meet, play, learn, and teach; Broadcast live for a target of 48 weekends a year, to counteract social isolation and promote wellbeing and provide thousands of publicly-accessible archived shows, showcasing Margate to listeners around the world.

On a fundraising page for Margate Radio, it says: “Margate Radio, with its roster of over 80 Thanet-based show hosts, serves as a beacon for local voices from diverse identities and backgrounds. This platform instills a profound sense of community pride and unity.

“Our station acts as a bridge, connecting individuals by offering them a space to share their stories and experiences. This not only combats social isolation but also creates a deep sense of belonging and togetherness.

“Once we have stabilised the booth and station for the future, the station can then expand and offer more comprehensive programming, and the support to produce this content. With the right tools, we can delve deeper into local initiatives and topics, ensuring our content remains relevant and impactful.

“This solid foundation will then pave the way for us to forge collaborations with other local organisations. Our proven success in youth workshops will then continue, guaranteeing that young individuals, especially from underserved communities, are given a voice.”

Margate Radio in numbers

60,438 total listens to live broadcasts

1898 shows on archive

46,158 total archive plays  for 923,909 minutes listened

63k visitors to the Margate Radio website

86 active show hosts

Find the station at:

Find the fundraising page at;



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