Dismantling work begins on Beacons installation at Ramsgate’s East Cliff

Dismantling the Beacons Photo Dante Luca

The Beacons spinning disc installation at the East Cliff bandstand are now being brought down.

The four structures, which each have a coloured steel disc at the top of a steel pole weighted by a tripod base, were installed in September 2021 and were scheduled to be in place for one year.

But Margate’s Turner Contemporary gained permission to extend that until this month.

Today (September 11) workmen are onsite dismantling the structures.

Photo Dante Luca

The installation was part of the Pioneering Places project with some 70 Ramsgate schoolchildren from St Laurence’s Junior Academy and Ramsgate Arts Primary working with artist Conrad Shawcross.

The children involved in the project researched Ramsgate, with a focus on the historic character of its Royal Harbour, and this was used for their ideas for the artwork.

The structures are being dismantled and taken away on trailers over several trips so as to spread the weight of the loads.

The area will have groundworks to return it to its former condition.

Turner Contemporary has been contacted to ask about any future plans for the Beacons.


  1. More modern rubbish posing as art. On the level of Tracy Emin’s unmade bed.
    Why is so much junk made to be legitimate art? The answer is a degrading of anything worthy of being called art.

  2. the towns falling to bits , the pavements and roads are a disgrace theres rubbish everywhere , i know what lets put some some lollipops up at the east cliff , you couldnt make it up , who pays for this nonsense ?

  3. Totally agree clean Ramsgate town up get rid of all the drug takers and drunks in the beautfull gardens at Wellington crescent and a5 last rid of those eyesore discs looked auful not to mention the damage to the grass how about restoring the bandstand and make use of it again

  4. I liked them. Added some colour. Additionally the project to make and resign them got 70 kids doing something productive and creative. Good stuff. Shame they are going.

  5. The discs were simply bad art. Let’s not rope our kids in to justify these appaling eyesores. Most artists cannot draw anything. They were not required to at art college. I know. And councillors who should know better fall for this nonsense. Restoring and adding to the lights on Royal Parade would be a good investment and add to the cultural ambience.

  6. Most of what is called art these days is complete rubbish. Walking on egg shells, folk are just too scared to admit this. The biggest example of this is Tracy Emin and her complete lack of artistic talent. It took Saatchi & Saatchi to boost this con artist into something mainstream. Now, everyone thinks art is something akin to an illiterate scribble or a daub of paint flung onto a board. If you want to see real art then go to the National Gallery in London.

  7. Well. That’s the beauty of art… It’s subjective isn’t it.
    Never knew Thanet had so many knowledgable and esteemed art critics. What a cultured isle we inhabit.

  8. My late wife & me visited a Art Exhibition in London some years ago, one was of dry Cat food in dishes. How in God’s name is this Art.

    • And here we are years later talking about it. Obviously made an impact. I saw the same exhibition. Really made me question the hierarchal relationship between humans and pets. Exquisite and inspirational. I now have similar works that take pride of place in my living room.

    • The answer, John558, is that is not art but there are charlatans who will claim it is with all sorts of pseudo-intellectual wriggling and juggling.
      The National Gallery is a centre of real art. When I lived in London it was a source of personal joy and wonder. I can’t say that regarding the junk we see today, including the wall dauber Banksy.

  9. I couldn’t help but feel for the residents of the crescent when their stunning sea view was marred by the presence of these eyesores…. What a waste of tax payers money they were

  10. Wait for the next exhibit to go up there.
    Art can be anything you see. I know Peter Ms.Pink sees plenty or artistic shapes walking past every day in Birchington.

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