Dispersal order put in place at Margate railway station following multiple disturbances and fighting

Officers at the scene Photo BTP Kent

A dispersal order was put in place in Margate last night (September 9) following reports of up to 100 people fighting at stations or on trains in Margate, Herne Bay and Whitstable.

British Transport Police officers, some with dogs, and Kent Police responded to a number of disorder reports.

On X, BTP Kent says: “Last night our officers along with BTP Dogs and Kent Police Thanet  responded to multiple reports of disorder in the Margate, Herne Bay and Whitstable areas.

“Some reports stated there were 100 people fighting at stations or on trains. As a result several units attended.

“Officers stayed at Margate along with  Southeastern Railway enforcement officers to see through the thousands that had come down to the coast and to prevent any further disorder.

“A dispersal order was utilised which was put in place by Kent Police which covered the train station.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “A 48-hour dispersal order was enforced in Margate from 7.20pm on Saturday 9 September 2023.

“Officers were responding following several incidents of anti-social behaviour and disorder during the evening. These included reports of a large group of people fighting on Margate beach, a disturbance at the train station and reports of criminal damage in the High Street.

“The dispersal covered the surrounding area of the coastline to Hartsdown Road to Tivoli Road to Grovesnor Gardens back to the coastline.

“The aim of the order was to prevent any further disorder. It allowed officers to direct any person over 10 years of age to leave the area and not return for a stated period of time if they had reasonable grounds to suspect that behaviour has contributed, or is likely to contribute, to the public being harassed, alarmed or distressed.”

One person was arrested on suspicion of assault and has since been bailed pending further enquiries.


  1. Takes you back to those glorious days of the mods & rockers fighting each other all over Margate Beach & local establishments. Good to see that Churchill spirit still lives on in some of the much maligned youths of today-so clearly excited about this phenomenal, vibrant station of growth & prosperity that they could no longer control their enthusiasm.

      • Spot on ms pink. The Who, Rolling Stones, Small Faces outlived the soul imports and shaped our popular music for decades. Motown was more downtown and every song had the same simple arrangement. Having said that I prefer the mod dress code. Happy days do glad I was there.

    • I like your thinking Tory Boy but alas I have it on good authority that it was more of a Top Boy style, DFL turf war. Whitstable against Margate artists fighting over premium gallery space to sell their ‘food’.

        • I believe there was no mercy for either the lactose intolerant or those with celiac disease, it was a blood bath. And they were all remainers, lefty lawyers and Megan Markle.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the Statler and Waldorf posts are by one and the same person, using multiple user names to argue/agree with themselves or just to ‘troll’ others

  2. Patriotic British lads having a good old drink and a fight, terrifying travellers and causing train delays and cancellations, I presume. Shame they weren’t immigrants, the Statlers and Waldorfs would be exploding with bile.

  3. Thing is they’re not patriotic!

    They wouldn’t stand up and fight for their country.
    Only brave when they have their little mates with them to cause trouble for innocent people who are out for a fun day!

  4. Hot weather, a large seafront area near to a station, drink (and worse), plus groups of young men–what could possibly go wrong–always had this issue and always will. Fortunately the Old Town area, despite the nay sayers, is thriving to attract families and non- threatening young people–lets call them the “arty crowd” who are investing in the area and making it a lovely place to go.

    • I agree. I am french and come regularly and love it… to me margate is like a beautiful woman who has been unloved for too long, and is starting to come back… Turner was right, the light in Margate is like nowhere else…

      • On that note Ms. Pink – previously known as Peter Checksfield should love Margate for those beautiful women. Unfortunately though, he couldn’t find a decent toilet to stay long enough. The overflowing portaloos near the clock tower are disgustingly awful and will put anyone off. It’s a shame none of the Margate Town Deal funds are going towards improving anything public in Margate.

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