Beacons spinning disc installation at Ramsgate’s East Cliff bandstand to be removed this month

Beacons installation Photo Brian Whitehead

The Beacons spinning disc installation at the East Cliff bandstand will be removed this month.

The four structures, which each have a coloured steel disc at the top of a steel pole weighted by a tripod base, were installed in September 2021 and were scheduled to be in place for one year.

But the Margate’s Turner Contemporary gained permission to extend that until this month. The final day to see the Beacons before they are dismantled will be September 11.

Beacons at the East Cliff Bandstand Photo Frank Leppard

The installation was part of the Pioneering Places project with some 70 Ramsgate schoolchildren from St Laurence’s Junior Academy and Ramsgate Arts Primary working with artist Conrad Shawcross.

The children involved in the project researched Ramsgate, with a focus on the historic character of its Royal Harbour, and this was used for their ideas for the artwork.

The themes are drawn from nautical signalling and ideas about Ramsgate and its Royal Harbour – noting Ramsgate’s legacy as a tourist destination.

The structures will be dismantled and taken away on trailers over several trips so as to spread the weight of the loads.

The area will have groundworks to return it to its former condition.

Photo Steven Collis

The bandstand is a Grade II listed asset, and a designated public open space, within the Ramsgate Conservation Area. The structure dates to the late 1930s and includes the patterned dancefloor, the boundary wall, railings and steps, as well as the bandstand itself.


  1. Did these actually spin? Never seem to be when I go past.

    I think the base on these are/were a real eyesore, but otherwise pretty cool.

    • Taxpayers didn’t fund this. So find something else to moan about. This was an incredibly successful project that involved a large group of local children who came up with the idea and concept over many months. The children got a lot out of this and have continued to benefit from this child led project . And if you think that is wrong or a waste of time then there is clearly something wrong with you?

  2. Actually, if you took the time to look a bit closer, and read what they represent, and turn the handles , you may had had more appreciation of their intention.
    I admit to being pleasantly surprised..
    They were harmless…

  3. I still think most people who live here on the east cliff would have preferred to see the 3 or 4 hundred thousand pounds this installation cost going to the restoration of the bandstand. But we were never asked.

    • Arts Council grant and there is not that much wrong with the bandstand! Only a few months ago the Gaddzukes did an impromptu gig to make that point! It just needs to be used

  4. thats a pity , theres often crowds of people and coach parties visiting this fantastic tourist attraction , perhaps they can place the arts barge there in thier place to make up for this tragic loss ?

  5. Money would’ve been far better spent doing up the bandstand area (it looks as overgrown as Brighton’s pavements!).

  6. The funding was a grant to pay for the installation. It was not a pot of spare unallocated money that residents could decide how to spend it.
    I liked them.

    • Where do you think the money for the grant came from? The taxpayer, of course.

      I don’t have a problem with you liking the project, that is your opinion freely expressed.

      My opinion is, stop wasting taxpayers money on vanity projects when society in general are experiencing tough times.

      • Exactly that, Kentish Man. People used the same daft argument as Phyllistine to justify the Ike and Tina Turner Centre being built instead of rebuilding (say) the pier or the Lido pool.

  7. The water fall has dried up the spinning disk are being removed the model village has long gone the westcliff hall has even longer gone. The only thing we seem to have plenty of is moaning miserable residents who moan about Manston airport being reopen, or anything else that is a benefit to the majority as long as the miserable minority can try and stop it.

  8. Not soon enough I had lived on Wellington crescent for 15 years and it has always been a beautiful view and they even had the bandstand in use ,the spinning dishes were and are the most ugliest instulations for such a beautiful spot can’t wait to see them gone at last stick them in Margate or Thanet parkway

    • P, I heard they are being replaced with another arts project. Huge colourful windmills that make music as they turn.

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