Kitten rescued after being dumped inside sealed duffle bag at Dane Park

Bonnie has now been seen by Dafne vets and is being looked after by Cats in Crisis volunteer Linda

A kitten who was dumped inside a sealed duffle bag and left at Dane Park in Margate is now being cared for by Cats in Crisis.

The kitty, thought to be around eight months old, was discovered by a  mum and her little boy on Monday afternoon.

Cats in Crisis volunteer Linda Smith and her husband Dave are currently looking after the kitten which they have named Bonnie until she can be rehomed.

Bonnie was put in a box by Lisa to keep her safe

Linda said: ““Lisa was in Dane Park with her 4 year old son around 4-30pm to 5pm by the children’s playground and the bowling area by the toilets when her little boy said to her ‘the bag is moving mummy.’

“When they opened the duffle bag they found the very frightened little kitten. Laura Sullivan (Thanet Animal Lovers member) communicated with Lisa and myself to arrange collecting her.

“Lisa kept her in a cardboard box to keep her safe until myself and Dave collected her.

“Little Bonnie went to Dafne veterinary hospital yesterday and she is fine health wise.

“The vet Yoni said her teeth are still growing so she is between 8 and 9 months old. “Bonnie is booked in to be neutered and microchipped on Wednesday 23rd August.”

On the Cats in Crisis facebook page they add: “We will never understand why people do this and especially leave them in places that they may not be found for many hours.”

Cats in Crisis is completely manned by volunteers who voluntary rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals.

The charity, which has been running some two decades, usually has more than 100 cats in its care at any one time, all being looked after in the homes of volunteers as there is no rescue centre.

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  1. Why do people behave like this dumping a poor animal in this way? There are enough animal charities that are ready to help and yet this behaviour carries on, I hope the kitten finds a loving home.

    Thoroughly ashamed of today’s society in general.

  2. Thing is with stories like this is everyone jumps to the same conclusion.
    Maybe it was some old person got the kitten for company, was taking it to the vet for a check-up couldn’t afford a carry cage so used a ruck-sack – this old person has early dementia and forgets why, what and when? or has chest pains carrying the bag so takes it off, sits on a near by wall and falls unconscious – someone calls ambulance and they are taken off to hospital.
    Just a couple of possible scenarios among the many.

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