Man taken to hospital and arrested on suspicion of drink-driving following incident on Ramsgate seafront

Emergency services blocked off the road

Police, ambulance and air ambulance attended Ramsgate harbourfront tonight (August 16) after a car crashed with a parked vehicle.

Emergency services were called at 6pm to the incident in Harbour Parade. The area was blocked off while officers dealt with the scene.

Bystanders report seeing paramedics working on a casualty. The air ambulance was also called in, landing on Ramsgate beach.

Police say a man was taken to a local hospital. He was also arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “At 6pm on Wednesday 16 August, Kent Police was called to a report of a car colliding with a stationary vehicle in Harbour Parade, Ramsgate.

“Officers attended alongside South East Coast Ambulance Service and a man was taken to a local hospital. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Enquiries are underway into the circumstances and the road has since been re-opened.”

Photo Dante Luca

South East Coast Ambulance service has been contacted for further details.


  1. Another drink driver!!

    Absolute scum and why waste ambulances on those who don’t respect anyone else’s life?!

  2. No policing at pubs such as for example St Lawrence Tavern where people are still walking out, causing anti social behaviour at 1am, and very excessive music playing and cars parked on the pavement but no police enforcement no TDC licensing or noise abatement enforcement and they have been told several times, on a Friday Saturday and other ramdon nights this is a regular occasion but you fo not have to be sherlock Holmes to figure out that when the cars are gone in the morning these louts are drink driving, DO YOUR JOBS, utterly useless.

  3. When you think yhat social behaviour is in rapid decline look no further than the lack of enforcement and visibility from police or TDC, the Cllrs and MPs talk utter rubbish when they spout about improving an area by positive policing.

  4. Lazy reporting too, are the photos of the police cars even Ramsgate, doesn’t look like anywhere I know, what about the reporting being Ccurate too.

    • A bit unfair, the photos are identifiably of ramsgate with a bit of effort , the exception being the that of the helicopter on the beach, however as it has the same registration as the picture of the helicopter in the picture of the wetherspoons balconey it’s probably dafe to assume it has landed on ramsgate beach.

    • The photos are from the scene, Ramsgate harbourfront. I’m not sure how you not being able to recognise that equates to lazy reporting

  5. Time to take severe action against ‘Drunk Drivers’.
    Idiots who don’t obey this Law, need to be encaged for six Months, and fined £5000 !
    It’s been a Law for 50 years, but idiots STILL break it !!!

    • The difficulty is that motorists, as a group, consider themselves to be a superior sort of citizen.
      If I were to kill someone through negligence, I could be charged with manslaughter, with a maximum sentence of life.
      If I killed someone with a car, I would be charged with causing death by dangerous driving, which carries a less severe penalty.
      Using a phone whilst driving (hands free or not) is a potentially lethal activity, but the penalties are trivial.

      • However despite the thrust of your comment being correct, it ieven more so backs up the current system with your use of the words could, would and potentially.
        Negligent – yes you could be charged with manslaughter but depending on the circumstances you equally may not any sentence would reflect the circumstances

        kill someone with a car, there is no guarantee that you WOULD be charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

        Use of a phone hands free or not is potentially dangerous but society has seemingly deemed it not to be that dangerous to ban it completely ( hence hands free is allowable) , penalties for use are i’d agree trivial , however if said use is an aggravating factor in an incident , the sanction will be greater.

        There are many groups in society within which there is an overly developed sense of entitlement, lack of responsibility and unwillingness to conform, but as with so many things in life we have laws that are designed to aloow a degree of freedom but which are there to deal with those who govtoo far. If you made your all encompassing negative comment ( about drivers) in respect of many other groups in society you’d be accused of one of many ‘isms and be shouted down, why does that not apply to drivers in your opinion? The vast majority of whom do not behave as you suggest.

        • Drivers who don’t conform to the rules are likely to cause serious harm. They are, after all, in charge of a tonne and a half of lethal machinery. There were almost 1400 deaths on UK roads in 2022. Bad driving has deadly consequences.
          The same cannot be said of people who refuse to pay their TV licences, for example.

        • I agree with Phyllis Quot about drivers feeling entitled – many seem to feel that pedestrians are less important than they are. Of course there are some drivers who care about pedestrians’ safety but there is a large percentage of drivers who are not at all concerned- or so it seems to me, a pedestrian and non-driver- about the safety of other people.

  6. I have mentioned this before, when I saw a young man riding an e-scooter one handed along Ramsgate High Street towards the pedestrian area, texting with his other hand! He would have been unable to stop if someone, a child maybe had stepped out into the road, why are the police not ceasing this illegal machines?

  7. Agree scooters should be banned, but if a child is allowed to slowing step into the road and gets hurt by any vehicle whose fault is that. Also the standard of driving is appalling, lots of people don’t know how to approach or use roundabouts for instance , it really annoys me when drivers just go straight accross without slowing down and others cut you up by not staying in lane.

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