Road closure in Margate due to water main leak

Road closure Photo Brian Smith-Stewart

Marine Gardens in Margate has been shut to traffic both ways due to a water leak.

The closure will  remain in place until August 18 to allow Southern Water to carry out repairs on the water pipes.

The road is closed between 1 and 2 Marine Gardens.

There are 2 alternative routes. Route 1 is via A254 Belgrave Road, A254 Eaton Road, A255 Grosvenor Gardens, B2055 Churchfields, B2055 Churchfield Place, B2055 Hawley Square, B2055 Cecil Street, Cecil Square, Queen Street and Marine Gardens.

Route 2 is via Queen Street, Cecil Square, B2055 Cecil Street, B2055 Hawley Square, B2055 Churchfield Place, B2055 Churchfields, B2055 High Street, A255 Ramsgate Road, A254 Queens Avenue, A254 Eaton Road, A254 Belgrave Road and A254 Marine Gardens.

There is also a road closure in Margate’s King Street due to repairs on an unsafe building.

The road will remain closed between Fort Road and The Parade until August 24. The alternative route is via Broad Street, Love Lane and Hawley Street


  1. Thank God it is not a gas leak. Three days for water. It would be at least three weeks if it was gas.

  2. Omg, shut all roads to margate, another water leak, look at the bright side they will add the cost of loss of water and repairs to our bills.

  3. King Street is not closed. But with scaffolding up,it is causing disruption. Especially with Southern Water dumping their vans in ridiculous places. Just add a little time for your journey.

  4. Southern water and their shoddy contractors should fix the leaks PROPERLY as they always leak again 3 weeks late.In fact weren’t they in the same spot last year.They have the nerve to issue a hosepipe ban and tell us to save water pfft jog on how about instead of paying the boss 2million a year and the shareholders fat dividends,put it into renewing the crumbling infrastructure…just a thought!

  5. On this occasion I reported this myself on Tuesday night at 9pm to southern water the work was completed today Wednesday the trouble is this water was running down marine gardens for four days people thought it was rain it’s best to get it checked but people can’t be bothered to phone the company I reported the two before it too the water company the works were done very quickly getting it done quickly saves us all money on our bills we’ve had a lot of rain as well that could contribute to the problems many of mains in Thanet date back for years very old. No excuse do your bit to help these situations instead of moaning how inconvenient the work is that’s important.

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